Virat Kohli reveals being nervous and jittery for his first meeting with Anushka Sharma

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are easily one of the most favourite couples in the industry. The actress met the Indian Cricket Team Captain on the sets of an ad shoot and that is how their love story began. Before getting married two years ago, they dated for a couple of years. While it took them years to publicly make an appearance together, fans have always wanted to know how it all began for the two celebrities. Now, this is the first time Virat is opening about how he met Anushka and that he was nervous and jittery.

“The first time I met her I cracked a joke immediately. I was very nervous and that’s why I cracked a joke because I didn’t know what to do. I was standing on sets and was being all nervous and jittery. I thought I was being funny (when I cracked that joke), and I said something which wasn’t probably the right thing to say. She is tall and she was wearing heels (makes a gesture which isn’t too much) and she was being told that I am not that tall, I am not 6 feet plus or something… she walked in with heels and was looking taller than me and I was like didn’t you get a higher pair of heels. Then she was like ‘excuse me’ and then I was like ‘no, I am just joking’. My joke became such a weird moment for myself. I was such a fool, to be honest. She was so confident, she is on sets regularly,” Virat said while speaking to American television sports reporter Graham Bensinger.

Talking about both of them are similar, Virat Kohli further said, “She is also from a similar background as me. We come from middle class families, made it in their respective careers, worked hard, got to a certain stage. In hindsight, when we look into our lives, they were going at the same pace but in totally different worlds. The timelines of my debut is 2008, the timeline of her starting her first film, shooting for it was 2008 August. We met in 2013 and out lives have been so similar in totally different worlds and then we got along so well. We were talking real things, we were talking things that a lot of people don’t connect with, only if you have seen that life will you understand what we are talking about. So the connect was there immediately.”

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Virat further revealed about their dates and said, “It was pretty traditional; we would go out for meals. Eventually, you didn’t really have to ask out because both of us knew we liked spending time with each other. I don’t even remember when we thought ‘okay this is the time when the transition is happening’, it was so organic and natural. And it kept getting stronger and stronger. We knew that we just wanted to be with each other.”

During the conversation, Virat confessed that all his friends knew that he would marry Anushka. When he announced his marriage to his friends, they were surprised that it was happening in two months. He said that it was Anushka who took the charge and organized everything. She made the decision to keep confidential with high-level security and only 42 guests at their Italian wedding. It was followed by their receptions for sports personalities, politicians and film industry members.

Virat then revealed about their Finland honeymoon. “So we go to Finland. We were hoping to see the Northern Lights but we just could not because it was snowing for all three days but we were just fascinated and taken aback with the whole place. It was pure and white and snow all over and so clean. There was literally no pollution and so few people around. Then we went to the coffee shop once. So we enter the place and we are like okay this is one place where we haven’t met one person from India yet. We are not getting noticed by anyone. This pure freedom and suddenly I look around and I look in the corner and there’s a Sikh guy with a turban and I just looked away. I got my coffee and I was trying to hide from him. I told Anushka I saw a guy and she was like ‘no way, all the way in Finland’. Then that guy noticed us and came to us and said ‘so good to see you guys and my last name is also Kohli’. I was like what are the chances of seeing one Indian guy all the way in Finland and his last name is the same as mine. I was like when are we going to a place where we don’t get noticed at all. Yeah, but it was funny.”

Meanwhile, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are spending time abroad. The actress is yet to announce her next project.