Virat Kohli sets up two animal shelters in Mumbai

Priyanka Bansal
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Virat Kohli sets up two animal shelters in Mumbai
Virat Kohli sets up two animal shelters in Mumbai

04 Apr 2021: Virat Kohli sets up two animal shelters in Mumbai

Indian skipper Virat Kohli has taken his and his wife Anushka Sharma's love for animals to the next level.

The cricketer announced his foundation has set up two animal shelters in Mumbai. He made the announcement on social media today on the occasion of World Stray Animals' Day.

For this project, Virat Kohli Foundation collaborated with Vivaldis Animal Health and Awaaz Voice of Stray Animals.

Announcement: Kohli thanked Sharma for giving him inspiration

Kohli, who welcomed daughter Vamika in January, thanked Sharma for being an inspiration through her undying passion for animals and for being an advocate of animal rights in the announcement.

He also mentioned his foundation's collaboration with Vivaldis, which is an Indian animal healthcare company. He said the initiative is also supported by Awaaz Voice of Stray Animals, a local NGO in Mumbai.

Quote: Kohli talks about creating a safe space for stray animals

Talking about the new venture, Kohli heaped praises on his wife and said that her passion to help strays across India is what inspired him.

He said, "Her vision to help stray animals across India is truly inspiring for me," and added, "It is our dream to create a safer space for the stray animals of our city."

Details: The shelter homes will be set-up in Malad and Boisar

The two shelter homes will be set up in Malad and Boisar in Mumbai.

The Malad center will be a temporary rehab, where animals, mainly cats and dogs, will be admitted temporarily till they recover. It will also provide treatment for wounded animals.

Boisar facility will take care of blind and paralyzed animals and those suffering from life-long diseases.

Kohli will sponsor ambulances for the cause.

Information: Virat Kohli Foundation will also take up other projects soon

So far, the Virat Kohli Foundation has mainly focused on supporting aspiring athletes from across the country.

The cricketer has now collaborated with several other organizations to provide the necessary infrastructure and resources to help those in need.

Meanwhile, reports also suggest that his foundation will soon launch education and health related projects, too.