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Friday 10, July

The Moon is still in your relationship zone and today she's trining the Sun - this is a delightful turn of cosmic events for you. Partnerships should flow with ease and extra love, and communication is likely to feel almost psychic - words may not be necessary to convey how you feel.

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Thursday 09, July

The Moon is in your opposite sign today, so your low-energy phase is in effect. Usually, this would be a time to keep a low-profile, but because the aspects are gorgeous, you might be inclined to do more. Your relationships should get a sweet boost from the Sun and Mercury trine the Moon, too.

Wednesday 08, July

This is not your favourite kind of astro-setup, Virgo. With the planet of war poised in a square with your ruler Mercury, there is an acute edge in the air. Conversations with friends and colleagues could be full of triggers, so avoid any controversial topics for now.

Tuesday 07, July

Now that the Moon has moved out of the eclipse zone and into Aquarius, it's time to get down to business again, Virgo. With lunar energy in your house of work and daily projects, you can obsess about your to-do list to your heart's content, and no one will call you a workaholic this time.

Monday 06, July

The eclipse is now part of history, but wow, you may still feel it moving through your body and soul. If you clung to any remnants of pain and regret, it's time to let them go now, Virgo. You're moving forward fully and finally, and after Mercury goes direct this Sunday, things should improve dramatically.

Sunday 05, July

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse rolls in today with quite a romantic storm. Hopefully you're ready to relinquish all that no longer serves you when it comes to love. You are ready for a serious upgrade and that requires some major letting go in order to clear the space. Trust that this is all for your highest good, darling.

Saturday 04, July

The stars are all about your love life at the moment. With a big eclipse brewing in your love and pleasure zone, it's no wonder you're feeling so much intensity in your romantic life. It's better to channel any emotional angst creatively. If you take it out on your lover it could end in destruction or disarray at the very least.

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