The horoscope 2020 readings for Virgo suggests that zodiac lord Mercury is in variance

with Jupiter, Ketu, Sun, and Saturn at the beginning of the year. The conjugation of Mercury with Sun is creating auspicious results for the natives. You will see an increase in your honor, financial conditions and experience an overall good year. This year is going to be auspicious for you. This year, both your destiny and karma will give you auspicious results.

The presence of Mercury in your workhouse and vision of it in your 7th, ensures that you will get good work or will be successful in your business. Mercury's presence along with Jupiter demonstrates that this year you will get success and create new plans in your career. At the same time, the association of Mercury with the Sun will provide you strength and energy to work on things. In the future, you will get the benefit of this year. Lord of the 9th house, Venus is also strengthening your luck. And the lord of the 5th house, Saturn is present which will create auspicious opportunities for your education and for your children.

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According to Virgo Love Horoscope 2020, your romantic life is going to be very good this year. The lord of the 5th house, Saturn is creating chances of marriage for you. The lord of the 7th house is Jupiter which along with Saturn is present in the 4th house. Overall, these planetary positions are pointing to a happy love life. Those people who are not yet in a relationship with anyone, with the influence of Jupiter can get a good partner in 2020. Those people who are already in a relationship can think about their future and take their relationship to the next level.

Venus is the lord of love and is sitting in the 5th house which will be quite auspicious for you. Venus is indicating a positive response for those who want to express their love to a special someone. At the beginning of the year, Saturn will be sitting in the 5th house, which is expressing the possibility of getting immense happiness for married people. Jupiter, by the end of March, will also move with Saturn which will create beneficial times for couples who were trying to expand their families as they might be blessed with a baby in their lives. Although, due to Saturn and Jupiter’s retrogression you can be a little worried about your partner's health.

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According to the Virgo Career Horoscope 2020, you can expect to be progressive in your career. Natives who are of the working class will stand a chance to be promoted this year and new business opportunities will emerge for business people. You can work on new plans this year. Those people who want to start their own business can also expect this year to be very profitable for a startup. Although the beginning of the year may be a bit slow for you, you will be able to see the success throughout the year.

According to the Career Horoscope 2020, this year you will be making progress in the work area. At the beginning of the year, the zodiac lord Mercury is sitting in the 4th position of the zodiac sign, along with Jupiter, Ketu, Sun, and Saturn. The conjugation of the Sun and Mercury is creating beneficial outcomes for you, which makes you rich in deeds. This year, your fortune will also increase. Luck will be with you so that you can touch new dimensions of success in your career.

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According to the Finance Horoscope 2020 for the Virgo, it can be said that this year is going to be good in terms of money gains for you. Your financial condition looks quite good. The reason for this is that in the year 2020, Venus which owns the 2nd house of your zodiac is sitting with Mars, creating beneficial circumstances. Although the economic benefits will be seen gradually in the beginning, you can see yourself in a good state throughout this year. Horoscope 2020 suggests you to be cautious this year due to increasing expenses. You may be attracted to things worthless this year, and restricting yourself from spending money can help your budget be balanced. The presence of Mercury along with Jupiter is making auspicious conditions indicating an increase in comfort for you.

Moon is the owner of the 11th house and is sitting in the 6th place and this is the reason that you will get benefits in the initial stage of the year but the pace of this growth will be slow. The people who have given money in the form of a loan may have trouble retracting it. You will have to make a decision about money investing, especially after you invest in any project in partnership. If not very necessary then it can be avoided at this moment.

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Virgo Family Horoscope 2020 is pointing towards a happy family life for you in the new year. Your reputation will increase socially, along with your status, your respect will increase in family and relatives. Although you might see an increase in differences with your father or a father figure, the matter will be resolved over time. Venus is present with Mercury and so you can expect the full support of your family. The 4th place, which is also called as the place of happiness and mother, has auspicious circumstances created. Jupiter is making beneficial results here, while the Sun and Mercury here are creating auspicious results for you. Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Saturn, and Ketu are all together in the 4th place, and this is showing the possibility of increased happiness in your life. Mars of the 3rd house is sitting in his place, indicating that you can pass on your love and wisdom to your younger siblings.

The lord of the 5th house, Saturn will be in 4th place during the start of this year but will move back to the 5th house which is indicating a very good sign for you, especially if you are expecting a new member to come into the family. The situations favor a matrimonial event within the family along with the possibility of maternal bliss.

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