Justice At Last: Team ‘Talvar’ & Bollywood on the Aarushi Verdict

As the much awaited verdict on the infamous Aarushi murder case was declared on October 12, Bollywood stars came out to express their solidarity and relief for the Talwars. Irrfan Khan, who played Ashwin Kumar, an investigating officer in Meghna Gulzar’s Talvar, told The Quint that he believes justice has been served.

Irrfan Khan, ActorThe court of law has in its eyes given justice to a case. The Talwar family have finally had truth by their side and justice has been served in the right order.

Writer, filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj and director Meghna Gulzar have a personal connect with the Aarushi verdict, which came out on October 12. Both Vishal and Meghna believed that the Talwars were innocent and they attempted to bring up their point of view in their film Talvar. The film presents three contradictory accounts of the case, which variously portray the parents as guilty or innocent.

Tweeting about the verdict, Vishal Bhardwaj had this to say:

Speaking to The Quint, Meghna Gulzar said that the verdict was a huge victory for justice.

Meghna Gulzar“This is what we have been saying from the beginning, nobody knows the truth but if you juxtapose all the facts that are available that we know and you just lay them out in front of you, the picture becomes very clear and looks like with this High Court appeal all the facts or the arguments in the case or the testimonies that were heard or reheard were heard with a very rational and open mind and without any prejudice which is why the verdict is what it is because factually there is no conclusive evidence against the Talwars that they have murdered Hemraj and Aarushi. It is a huge victory for justice, for the truth but from whatever little I know of them and have known them, even in this victory there is a void and a vacuum because Aarushi is not coming back. The years they have lost are not coming back and nobody can get that back to them, we still have that on our conscience. But the fact that they have been exonerated which is something they were fighting for, not so much for themselves but just so that their daughter’s memory would not be maligned at death, I think that is what is most important to them and I am glad they got that today.”

Not just Vishal Bharadwaj, other Bollywood stars also took to social media to praise the High Court’s verdict on the Aarushi murder case.

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