After Visible Himalayas from Jalandhar, Pictures of 'Cleaner' Yamuna are Going Viral

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India is currently undergoing a 21-day nationwide lockdown since March 25. This was imposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in order to curb the spread of the pandemic.

But what comes as a pleasant surprise even in times like these is the fact that the water of river Yamuna has become cleaner. As can be seen in photos going viral over social media, the river which has been plagued by pollution over the years can be seen cleaner.

Furthermore, because of the recent rainfall, the water levels have also improved. Since there are less cars on the road, pollution and air quality index have improved drastically. Recently, some migratory birds were also seen returning and so was the marine life.

A user who took to microblogging site Twitter to share a few pictures of the river, wrote, “I just can't get over this. These are pictures of the Yamuna today at Kalindi Kunj. These were received on WhatsApp. But it's mind-boggling to think what we do this paradise”.

It comes as no surprise that the minds of Netizens were blown by the sight of these pictures. A user wrote, “I crossed Kalindi Kunj daily to work for 2 years and this really blew my mind. Unimaginable till it happened”.

Another user cited that it is commutation and industrial wastes that are the root cause of the problem. He said, “This means industrial waste and our commute is the problem. Remote is the future with minimal necessities”.