Vivek Oberoi's Meme On Aishwarya Rai: Vahbiz Dorabjee And Divyanka Tripathi's Chalk And Cheese Contrast

We were pleasantly surprised last week when we spoke to Divyanka Tripathi and Vahbiz Dorabjee about Vivek Oberoi's meme on Aishwarya Rai. Both had absolutely different viewpoints and we bring them to you EXCLUSIVE herewith. For those who've come in late, last week, on May 20 to be precise, Vivek chronicled Aishwarya's 3 relationships into a collage, titling them as Opinion Poll (with Salman), Exit Poll (with himself) and Result with Abhishek).

What the Yuva actor clearly meant is that the public wanted Aishwarya to marry Salman- but later the tide changed and it was almost a foregone conclusion that she would marry him- but eventually she went on to settle down with Abhishek. While according to Vivek, the Exit Polls could have a margin of error--- at least yesterday they all seemed on or near the bull's eye.

vivek oberoi meme

Let's see what Divyanka and Vahbiz had to say about Vivek's meme.

While Vahbiz slammed it, saying, "I think the meme was not amusing at all. It was absolutely in bad taste and hitting below the belt. Everyone has a past and bygones should be bygones. She's someone's wife, mother, daughter, sister and daughter-in-law. By his actions, he has proved to be unclassy," Divyanka said, "Too much importance is being given to a meme. Few things can just pass off as harmless and funny. Even in the meme 'the result' is beautiful. Isn't it?"

vahbiz zorabjee

Vivek had apologised for sharing the meme and deleted the controversial tweet after being severely criticised on social media--- but not before, or rather much after, a large number of people including actors had run him down. 

Image Source:- Instagram/vahbz/divyankatripathidahiya/twitter/vivekoberoi

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