Vivek Verma An Indie-Pop Multitasker

vivek verma

Singer, Composer & Music Producer Vivek Verma hails from Raniganj, a 7-hour car ride from the City of Cultural Heritage Kolkata. But the 25-year-old has since migrated to Mumbai in order to gain musical success. This is where the Music Industry is, and as an pop artist trying to make it big in Independent Music Industry.

“Indie Music Culture has just risen in India and people have started loving it, about unconventional voices, about Pop,” Vivek told Yahoo. “Since I was in school, I was already engaged in hip-hop and Pop my move helped me to create more music because in Mumbai there are many studios & Budding producers with them I create more and record more music.”

Vivek was 20 when he first officially recorded a classical fusion number with HariHaran . He now has 32 songs and three albums to his name, but his topic of choice for his music has since evolved. His latest, TERA ASAR , is a romantic love Balled. And he is currently working on his fourth Album.

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