Vivian Dsena: 'I Have Never Used Glycerin For Emotional Scenes'- EXCLUSIVE

Different actors follow different techniques to hon their craft. Some believe in method acting, some believe in an impromptu performance. Meet Vivian Dsena, TV world's famous actor, who speaks to us about his skills. 

The actor made his debut with Prachi Desai and Ram Kapoor's Kasamh Se, got recognition as Abhay Raichand in Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahani but made the audience fall in love with him as he played RK in Madhubala. 

If we talk about emotional scenes, many actors prefer using glycerin. However, Vivian doesn't believe in it. While talking to us, he explains that he has never used glycerin for any of his emotional scenes till now. 



"I don't believe in doing an acting course because it is something that you cannot create. For me acting is something which is executed completely with feelings and emotions and it has to be real. And I think that's why I have never used glycerin for any of my emotional scenes," said Vivian. 

The actor further added his opinion about acting schools, "Many young boys and girls come to Mumbai to become a star, and while some try to perfect their craft on their own, there are some who go to an acting school to improve their skills. Though it is not guaranteed if an acting school/course will help you make it big in the entertainment industry or not. Because acting is not something which one can create."

Vivian, who has proved his acting mettle with various sorts of roles, feels that emoting an emotional scene is more complex than a romantic one.

Image Source:- instagram /viviandsena

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