Vlogger Shivangi Sharma Breaks the Myth Around Traveling With Pets

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Pet parents can go to any extent to keep their furry friends safe. When it comes to traveling with pets, people often hesitate because of various myths that are created.

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Breaking the bubble around the same, Shivangi Sharma, a complete travel enthusiast who adores her pets like her own kid, takes them along to all her trips. The travel vlogger shares an unexplained but beautiful bond with her pets Rio and Tokyo. She feels incomplete if her furry kids are not around her, so she takes them on all her journeys to different locations.

The solo voyager thinks that pets have equal rights of enjoyment and fun as the normal human kid has. Her love for her pets is so much that she counterparts all the people who say it is impossible to take a pet on trips. She wants to break the stereotype of the people that traveling with dogs brings trouble for the owner.

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“I believe if we are not supposed to leave our kids at home then why furry kids miss all the fun. In India, people feel that traveling with pets is next to impossible as there are not enough pet-friendly properties, but I am on a quest to break this stereotype and traveling with dogs and bringing all the precautions and beautiful properties which are welcoming my furballs with an open heart”, said Shivangi.

Shivangi Sharma is a well-known travel vlogger whose videos receive a lot of views on the internet. She owns 59000 followers on Instagram and 24000 followers on Facebook. Her love for traveling gained her several recognitions and was interviewed by some prominent media houses like India like The Telegraph, Times of India, The Tribune, Daily Post, Hindustan Times, and many more.

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