Voila! Priyanka All Set To Announce Her Next Hollywood Film?

She is getting bigger and better and each time manages to stump us!

Priyanka Chopra has been the first Indian artist to primarily cross over to the West and to feature in a prime time American show - Qunatico . Now, she is all set to make her Hollywood debut with Baywatch starring superstars Dwayne Johnson and Zac Effron alongside her.

And as reports in a daily, Priyanka is in talks for her second Hollywood film, which will again see her in a pivotal role!!

As opposed to rumours of Priyanka being part of the Bond franchise, official sources clarify that the actress has not auditioned for the film at all. If sources are to be believed, her popularity in the West is such that she isn’t asked to audition and is directly approached for roles. Insiders reveal that Priyanka had spoken to the makers of Baywatchover a Skype chat and they had immediately decided to cast her as the anti-hero with a major role.

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Priyanka will soon announce her next project in Hollywood., and we just can’t contain our excitement!

Atta gal!