VW Should launch its 550 km range EV hatch in India!

VW ID.3 India launch

With growing infrastructure, the electric car can certainly claim to be an integral part of future mobility. However can India play a part in that? Currently the only proper EV is the Hyundai Kona and it has done quite well with a good amount of sales.

This proves that there is certainly interest in EVs in India. However, car-makers needs to take the plunge and launch one. It is a risk but it can pay off. We think the new Volkswagen ID.3 could be a perfect car for VW to showcase its EV credentials in India.

Volkswagen says that the ID.3 is its most revolutionary car and this hatch forms the start of an EV onslaught. This is an electric hatch that is nearly the size of a Golf and an attractive one at that.

VW ID.3 India launch

It is futuristic and cool looking with big LED headlamps and low-slung proportions. Inside, there are only physical buttons for the window and the rest operates via the 10 inch touchscreen and the steering wheel, plus you get a HUD too.

What’s special about it is the space on offer as it has a much longer wheelbase due to clever packaging and that means it has the space of a Passat.

VW ID.3 India launch

There are three battery sizes and two electric motors plus the range is up-to an impressive 550 km. The battery has an 8 year warranty.

In terms of price it's around Rs 20 lakh. So is the Indian market mature enough to accept this car and would you buy one? Let us know in the comments below.