Waffle love

Some of us take our love for waffles to such extremes, we make it our new passion and profession. Case in point: the quirky and popular VJ Andy, Partner & Investor, New York Waffle and Dinges who has acquired a stake in the famous dessert delivery.

Andy is something of a dessert junkie, confessing, “I have always had a soft spot for desserts. I can personally eat desserts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so this is a perfect partnership!”

Excerpts from our chat...

Tell us about your passion for waffles. Was it love at first bite?

I’ve been fascinated by the way waffles were made since I was very young, I remember being puzzled by the magic of them, how this liquid turned into the crispy warm sweet delight! So you could say my love affair with waffles goes way back.

New York Waffles & Dinges - what made you take the plunge as a business.

Today in India there has been a boom in QSR, and due to the demand, New York Waffles & Dinges I feel is a great way of joining the market as our waffles, I can say, are the best!

What are the interesting combinations, varieties, that NYWD offers?

Our waffles have a classic taste profile with a few twists. One can get the taste of New York waffles in our high on demand Jawbreaker waffles and Pizza waffles.

The list doesn’t end here, Pan Cake + Ice Tea, Belgian waffle + Brownie, Brownie + Shake are some of the high on demand items to watch out from the Singles Combos.

There are a host of fun waffles to try from, right from the most amazing waffle pizzas that come with a host of toppings. The waffle pizza, a first of its kind, brings favourite flavours like Strawberry, KitKat, Oreo-Belgian, and even a half and half, black and white pizza, made with delicious black and white chocolate.

There are also classic Belgian waffles, delicious JawBreakers, which are a waffle and a half, for those with more enormous appetites for the good stuff. The Waffle Pockets bring delicious flavours in Belgian, dark, white and regular chocolate, hazelnut, brownie, oreo, and hazelnut sandwiched in waffles.

And what exactly are Dinges?

(Pronounced as DING-iss) Why, it’s a Flemish word Belgians use for “thingies” or “thingamajigs” or “whatchamacallits.”