WAIT WHAT? Kamal Haasan to join politics, but it’s not out of choice

karthika raveendran
"He has already made it loud and clear that he will take the political plunge. As his welfare association, we are ready to support him in his journey," said one of his fans...

In a surprising turn of events, veteran actor Kamal Haasan has come out and confessed of his political plans –  “Yes I am thinking on those lines, not out of choice but compulsion. Which existent political party can provide me with a platform or an ideology that will match my reformatory goals in politics?” said the actor as per reports on The Quint. That’s not all- the actor will not join any party but float his own party. As per reports on The Wire, The actor has taken up this step not necessarily out of choice but because he felt there was a need to, considering the political conditions in Tamil Nadu. Also Read: Kamal Haasan’s next project announced, titled ThalaivanIrukkiraan

He is also of the belief that no political party would abide by his ideologies. While speaking with Quint, he was also clear that if he didn’t deliver, he should be ousted immediately because that’s the only way change in politics can come about. Also Read: Kamal Haasan to skip national seminar against communal fascism thanks to Bigg Boss. This news does not come as a surprise really because the actor had sent out enough hints about joining politics but the decision to float his own party has come as a surprise.

In other news, Kamal Haasan is currently busy hosting Bigg Boss Tamil. Ever since his debut as TV host for this reality show, Kamal Haasan and the channel have been slapped with multiple law suits with regards to the show. His debut on TV has brought with its fair share of controversies. He is busy with post production work of Vishwaroopam 2, one of the most awaited sequels. The seuqel was to release four years ago but due to financial reaosns, the film didn’t take off. This year, the actor took over and decided to make sure of the release. The actor recently revealed the first look that starred the actor holding on the national flag. Kamal Haasan has confirmed the film will release this year. Also, Kamal Haasan announced of his next movie – ThalaivanIrukkiraan, a political thriller.