'WandaVision' is the top-rated series in the world right now

Shubham Dasgupta
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22 Feb 2021: 'WandaVision' is the top-rated series in the world right now

Wanda Maximoff's character and the whole MCU are keeping audiences around the globe hooked to the screen and on the edge of their seats as each episode of WandaVision peels off new layers of mysteries.

The fan following for Marvel's first MCU series project on Disney+ is stupendous, which data is showing too.

The series has emerged to be the world's "Number 1" now.

Run: It'll air nine episodes in total, to end in March

The series premiered this January 15 and has released seven episodes so far.

Interestingly, its sixth episode brought MCU's first gay character (Wanda's son) to the fore.

It will air a total of nine episodes, with the last slated to release on March 5.

While there is a variation in the duration of every episode, it will culminate into a series spanning six hours.

Success: 'WandaVision' has its fifth episode to thank for this rank

The show ranked 35th globally when the first two episodes aired on January 15.

When the third episode of the miniseries streamed, it was brought straight up to the seventh rank, while the fourth episode zoomed it to number 2.

And, when the fifth episode, On a Very Special Episode, released, it remained at number 1 till February 7, the last day of data availability.

Fact: Key developments in fifth episode surpassed expectations

Apart from keeping the storyline untouched, key developments such as Vision's realization about Wanda's true powers in the fifth episode and the surprising entrance of X-Men's Quicksilver, which is played by Evan Peters, have surpassed viewer expectations.

Data: Criteria: Viewer ratings, social media data, and piracy data

WandaVision's ranking is based on analysis done by Parrot Analytics, which gauges the audience behavior by incorporating different factors such as viewer ratings, social media data, and piracy data.

The data for the sixth and seventh episodes of the series is still not available. However, this sitcom-style show is undoubtedly the strongest crowd puller and presumably the best property for Disney+ right now.