Want healthy hair and glowing skin? Try multani mitti

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Ubtan/face mask/face pack of Multani mitti or fuller's earth on wooden surface in a glass bowl consisting of Multani mitti and rose water for the remedy or treatment of oily skin.On wooden surface.
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The modest multani mitti helps to address all your hair and skin woes without causing any side effects. This organic product contains useful minerals like iron oxide, alumina, and silica. So stay away from the toxic effects of chemical-rich products that contain harmful ingredients like sulphates, parabens, silicones etc. and embrace the organic alternatives, like multani mitti (fuller earth).

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Here are five proven benefits of multani mitti for your hair and skin:

1. Exfoliates skin

Our skin battles with dust, dirt, grime, sweat etc. all day long. Exfoliating it gently with an organic product will not only help you remove all the unwanted residue from the body but also bring a natural glow to your skin. Make a Multani Mitti paste using water and gently scrub your skin with it.

2. Treats dry skin

Treat the dullness, flakes and pigmentation of dry skin with Multani Mitti. This home remedy works wonders to treat most of the dry skin flaws. All you need to do is to make a fine paste of Multani Mitti using water and honey and apply it to your face. Relax for a while and let this DIY mask do its best for your skin.

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3. Prevents oily skin

Multani Mitti is an amazing beauty ingredient that absorbs excess oil from the skin whilst giving it a natural matte sheen. Therefore, it works wonders for oily skin. It also helps minimise enlarged pores when mixed with tomato juice.

4. Reduces zits

Looking for an effective yet safe remedy for zits or blemishes? There is no better treatment than using the organic Multani Mitti to treat all your zits. Since it is natural, it is completely safe on skin and does not aggravate skin conditions. Just make a smooth paste of it using clean water, and apply it to the targeted areas. Leave it there for a while and then rinse it off. Use this mixture regularly, and you will see the noticeable result soon.

5. Cleanses hair

Your hair battles with so much dust, dirt, pollution all day long. It needs gentle care to remain its natural bounce and beauty. Take care of it with Multani Mitti as it has got excellent cleansing properties. This natural cleanser scraps off filths from the hair and scalp, and leaves it cleaner, fresher, bouncy and hydrated.

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So, before you buy a chemical-rich product to treat your hair and skin issues, do give a try to this natural home remedy.

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