Bigg Boss 13 evicted contestant Arhaan Khan: Rashami Desai and I played the game together

Sana Farzeen
Arhaan Khan

Arhaan Khan has been evicted from Bigg Boss 13.

Arhaan Khan on Tuesday exited the Bigg Boss 13 house after getting the least number of votes. Along with him, host Salman Khan had announced that Shefali Bagga and Madhurima Tuli were in the bottom three. The other contestants nominated this week included Sidharth Shukla, Arti Singh and Vishal Aditya Singh.

Arhaan, who is dating Rashami Desai, had entered as a wild card and was evicted in just two weeks. The actor went on to claim that he wanted to propose to his lady love, and so deserved a second chance. While he did get the opportunity recently, with hardly any chemistry between them, the couple could not connect with the masses.

Post his exit from Bigg Boss 13, Arhaan Khan interacted with the media about his experience. Sharing that he was not expecting to get evicted, he said, “I was playing a strong game and was doing really good. I also had my strategies in place, played the tasks well and took a stand for what is right. I have no idea why I am the one who gets eliminated.”

A couple of weeks back, while interacting with host Salman Khan, Rashami Desai had opened up about her reasons for taking up the show. Desai mentioned that she wanted to help Arhaan's career get a boost. asked Arhaan if participating with Desai was a wrong move, as he clearly got overshadowed by her. He replied, “If Rashami said that she thought about me and my career, then I am really happy. The way she stood for me throughout the show was commendable. We both played the game together, and quite well. As for being overshadowed, I don't think that was the case at all. We both were partners in the game.”

While their love story was the only talking point in the reality show, it received a major setback when it was revealed that Arhaan Khan is already married with a child. Host Salman made the revelation and even warned Desai to be careful of her choice. We asked Arhaan about his reaction on his personal life being discussed on national television. “It was quite unfair. Never in the thirteen seasons, a contestant's personal matters have been spoken about. I feel everyone has a personal life and a past. Thankfully, it was all a major misunderstanding which was cleared. It would be wrong to cry over what has happened. On the other hand, I feel the incident only made my relationship with Rashami stronger.”

When reminded how Rashami Desai's friends and family have also been suggesting her to think again about the relationship, Arhaan said, “I will not say they are wrong as they don't know me personally. They have formed their opinion from hearsay. Once they meet me and know me better, I am sure they will become fond of me.”

On his statement about Desai being on the road, and him helping her achieve what she is today, the Badho Bahu actor said, “It was made into an issue by certain people. Leave aside speaking, I will never even think about such demeaning words for her. I hold her with a lot of pride for she is an independent girl. She has faced so many lows, yet emerged as a winner. My intention was never to hurt her. However, I apologised to her as I may have used the wrong words. But it was a small matter and was easily sorted between us.”

Arhaan Khan confessed that his eviction came as a blow to Rashami Desai, “When it is love, you also draw a lot of support from your partner. She was very sad but I made her understand the importance of the game. I told her that it is just a few weeks and she has to up her game. Personally, I want her to win Bigg Boss, after all the show has helped us strengthen our relationship.”

Recently, Desai had an ugly argument with Sidharth Shukla. When Arhaan Khan threw tea at Shukla, in a fit of rage, the latter pulled him, leading to his shirt getting torn. The same incident even gave a reason for housemates and fans to believe that the show is rigged and quite partial towards Shukla, as he was let go without any punishment.

Sharing his two cents on the matter, the actor said, “We all know what Shukla meant when he said 'aisi ladki'. My upbringing doesn't allow me to use these words and not even tolerate it for a woman. That day, if I hadn't intervened, he would have raised his hands on Rashami. And in the fight, he even ripped my shirt. I could have done the same but I know my limits.”

“This season, indeed the makers have allowed a lot of violence. I think if one of us had done something like that, we would have been out in the first place. There are some instances that makes people feel that the show is biased. However, I can assure that Salman Bhai is not partial towards anyone. He makes a point to sort out issues between everyone,” concluded Arhaan Khan.

Bigg Boss 13 airs on Colors on Monday-Friday at 10:30 pm, while Salman Khan hosts Weekend Ka Vaar at 9 pm.