Want to keep working? Then here are the careers for you

Pursue these careers if you don’t want to retire

Throughout your career, you keep hearing about get financially ready for retirement. Many of us even look forward to it simply because it is like the never-ending vacation. Retirement is supposed to be a time to take a break from the stress of working life. However, many people actually like what they do and don’t want to retire. The motive to not retire could also be financial. Have you ever wondered if there are jobs which did not include retirement in their package?

Well, there are some careers wherein there is no retirement. Let’s find out which they

  • Performing arts – if acting beckons you or you have a voice for singing, you could try your luck in performing arts. Careers in direction, cinematography, editing, theater, singing and so on have no age bar. Whether you are 19 or 95 years old you can earn in this career if you are gifted. There are numerous actors who’ve started late in their career or who chose this as the second career

  • Writing – another career choice with no retirement limit is writing. Whether it is writing novels, short stories, articles or screenplay, writing has nothing to do with your age. You will find writers in all age groups. Take the instance of the famous poet Javed Akhtar. He is 70+ years of age and still composes songs and writes

  • Financial advising – a financial planner or advisor is a person who helps others build up a good financial portfolio. He has an expert outlook on financial markets and helps individuals invest their hard-earned money in various instruments. Financial advisors are considered to gain experience with age. The older they are, the more experience they have and the more trusted they are. In this field, your age is actually a positive influence on your reputation. Thus, you can become a financial planner and handle people’s

  • Consultancy – you can also join a consultancy after you retire. Consultancy firms employ individuals with no upper limit on the retirement age. You can be a financial consultant, tax consultant, engineering consultant or any other consultant professional. The money is good and best of all, your age is just a number, literally in this field. If you are an expert at what you do, you can always become a

  • Private practice of lawyer or doctor – well, this is for professionals only. While being employed in a law firm or in a hospital might lead to retirement, if you open a private practice, it becomes your business. You don’t have to retire from your business. You can continue working for as long as you want and earn good money. Ram Jethmalalni is a leading example. He is a reputed lawyer with his own practice. Do you know his age? 94 years!

If retirement is not what you seek, pursue these careers. In these careers, you don’t have to worry about retiring. You can work for as long as you want and earn money even in your golden years. So, take your pick!