Waris Pathan says 15 crore Muslims can 'dominate' 100 crore Hindus, gets panned

AIMIM leader and former Maharasthra MLA Waris Pathan has stoked a controversy by saying 15 crore Muslims can dominate over 100 crore Hindus and we will snatch away our ‘Azadi’.

"They tell us that we've kept our women in the front - only the lionesses have come out & you're already sweating. You can understand what would happen if all of us come together. 15 cr hain magar 100 ke upar bhaari hain, ye yaad rakh lena," the former Byculla MLA said while addressing a rally in Karnataka's Gulbarga on February 15.

“We need to work together, we need to snatch our Azadi. Time has now come to achieve Azadi, if we cannot achieve it, we should snatch it. They were mocking us for hiding behind women (during anti-CAA protests). Do not forget, these are lionesses who has come out yet and you are already afraid of these women. Be aware and know what happens if we all (Muslims) unite together,” said Waris Pathan.

After the video went viral on social, netizens brutally trolled the former MLA for his comments. One user said: "These people are an equal threat to the country..like the hindutva brigade.. such people should be put behind bars." While other user said: "Shame on you."

Here's what Twitter had to say:

Earlier, Pathan was trolled after he had said that the burqa is an essential part of Islam and that no one forces Muslim women to wear it. This comment came after author Taslima Nasreen wrote on Twitter: "wrote, "Where are all the empowerwalis? Do they know why they are asked to wear burqas? Because men get sexually aroused when they see women. It means women are nothing but sex objects. Burqas are like chastity belts."

After which AIMIM leader said that she should change her name and let people know that she was no longer a Muslim by her religious practice. He tweeted, "Madam you first of all change your name and let people know you are no longer a Muslim by your religious practice. Burqa (HIJAB) is an essential part in Islam which our mothers & sisters wear it by their own concern no one force them. You are slave of those people who hate us."

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