Watch Alia Bhatt deadlift 70 kgs weight and give major fitness goals

Alia Bhatt, over the years, has transformed herself. The actress has taken up different forms of exercise and work out routines to stay healthy. At 26, the actress lives a pretty healthy lifestyle and makes sure to never miss a gym day.

Alia Bhatt, earlier this year, began weight training which she had never done before. Slowly and steadily, she has been performing really well that she recently did a deadlift of 70 kgs and clearly impressed everyone.

Soh Fit training centre shared videos of Alia lifting the weights and wrote, “I’m going to give this star the credit she deserves. When she started off earlier this year – she hadn’t lifted weights too often in her life. It took a while to get her to start enjoying being strong – not skinny – strong! The first time she tried a deadlift, we used one single 20lb dumbbell and that wasn’t even 9 months back. A few weeks back she managed to get in 5 reps at 50 kgs and she rocked it. Today was lifting day and we felt we had the energy to push that weight a little higher. After a few warm up sets she cruised through 3 reps at 60kgs which was a personal best for her anyway (I missed a count and I got the stare). Next, we decided to push it even further and do just 1 rep at 70 kgs – knowing @aliaabhatt she decided to give me 2 for good measure. Love the fact that she just NEVER backs down from what’s put in front of her. New personal best done and now we’re going to try and smash it again, soon. What say? Stay the same @aliaabhatt – we’ve got a lot of work to do. #sohfit #bethebestyou #girlswholift #strongnotskinny.”

On the work front, Alia Bhatt has an array of projects in the pipeline including Brahmastra, Arunima Sinha biopic and Takht.

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