Watch: Amid #MeToo, Actress Aman Sandhu Slaps Director Deepak Mishra For Casting Couch!

Rachna Gupta

#MeToo: The actress and model Aman Sandhu was recently seen slapping the director Deepak Mishra publicly accusing him of casting couch!

The country is currently experiencing a strong wave of the #MeToo movement where several women are taking a stand against the harassment from men. While we have already informed you about the multiple confessions from Bollywood actresses, this time we saw a different story. The actress not only took a stand against the men who tried to harass her, but also slapped him publicly.

The actress Aman Sandhu was recently seen on the streets of the city holding director Deepak Mishra by his shirt, shouting out loud about what he tried to do with her. Accusing him of casting couch, she even slapped him hard in front of the crowd.

All this started with the actress Tanushree Dutta recalling her horrific experience of working with the actor Nana Patekar. She alleged that she was harassed on the sets of the film Horn Ok Pleassss. And that neither the choreographer, director or producer came to help her.

Since then, we have numerous women coming out and speaking up against popular names of B-town, including Kangana Ranaut who exposed the filmmaker Vikas Bahl. Other names which have been accused of se*ual misconduct are Alok Nath, Kailash Kher and Rajat Kapoor.

Meanwhile, watch the video here:

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