Watch: Coping with childhood abuse and trauma

Children are taught to never talk to strangers. But motivational speaker Tanya Waymire believes the phrase "stranger danger" is not the appropriate means to talk to kids about danger and safety.

In a Ted Talk, she talked about how not just strangers but even family members sometimes can pose danger but we shy away from addressing the issue with kids.

Waymire was three years old when she was abused by a family member for the first time. It was only years later that she could finally speak up but she found it difficult to cope. "It became that dark family secret that I was left on my own to figure out. How do you do that at nine years of age?"

Children are not to be held responsible for what happened and should not be blamed in any way. Waymire goes on to share tips on how one copes with childhood trauma, which parents need to keep in mind and instill the same in their children as well.

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