Watch: Dear India, is this how we treat our corona warriors?

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Take a good long look at this ambulance driver - in a state of apparent black out, he is so exhausted that he can barely speak.

In the heat of Delhi, this man is one of the many ambulance workers in the entirety of India, who have to wear a PPE, while transporting not only COVID-19 patients, but also the dead bodies to the cremation spots or the burial grounds.

Corona warriors
Dear India, is this how you treat your corona warriors?

When families disown their own dead, these are the warriors who step up to give them a proper funeral.

But even today, these frontline workers are shooed off, sometimes beaten, and mostly ostracised for the work they do.

“Dhakke marke bhaga dete hai hume, koi nahi poochta!” (They pushed me and drove me away, no one cares!)

Is this how we treat our corona warriors?

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