Watch: Deepak Kalal seeks revenge after getting slapped in Delhi metro

Controversial YouTuber Deepak Kalal again made it to the headlines after a new viral video surfaced on the internet. In a video, Deepak can be seen getting thrashed for misbehaving with a girl.

He was slapped by a woman inside the Delhi Metro and the video went viral. After the metro incident happened, Deepak stalked the metro guy Mohit who helped a girl from the fight.

In a video shared by Deepak, Mohit can be seen talking to Deepak very politely but on the other hand, Deepak slaps Mohit publically and then the fight starts.

While sharing the video, Deepak writes, “Bhare Bazar me Deepak Fish ne lagaya Mohit Aurora ko chamaat…. Metro Thappad mamle me ladki ko support karnewale @mohit_arora_ssdn Se Deepak Kalal ne Badla…. Delhi CP me ki Mohit Aurora ki Pitai…..”

Mohit also shared the video and wrote his side of the story, “Aj tune khudh aakr gult bola hai. Deepak dalal hai tu maine tuje us din bachne k liye metro se bhar beja tha, ta jo log tuje or mil k na mare lekin aj tune meri behn ko b gult bola chala ja delhi se nahi toh koi bura hal karde ga tera ……… � Watch full video”.

Earlier, Deepak Kalal also created a scene at a radio show. He was called for an interview but spoke against women. The RJ slammed him and asked him to get out of the room.

Deepak was also in news afterhe shared the news of his wedding with actress Rakhi Sawant. He also shared his wedding invite on Instagram.

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