Watch Donald Trump groove to Ranveer Singh’s 'Malhari'

Have you ever wondered how US President Donald Trump would will look like while dancing to a super hit Bollywood song, well look no further, recently a video went viral which shows Donald Trump dancing to Bajirao Mastani’s Malhari. The video is not real of course, because someone morphed Trump’s face onto Ranveer Singh.

The video was posted by Twitter used mad-liberals with the caption, “Peshwa warrior Trump,” and since then the video has around 6,000 retweets and 12,000 likes. The video of ‘Peshwa Trump’ enjoying and dancing with his troops in ethnic wardrobe got a lot of laugh from Bollywood fans.

Here’s the video

The video is going viral is getting a lot of praises for the on-point editing. While one Twitter user called it the greatest thing ever, another Twitter user pointed out the best detail of the video saying, “Trump’s face is priceless.” Another user wrote, “I needed this laugh today. My only regret that I could not be there to dance with him.”

Here are some of the best reactions: