Watch: UP Farmer Has Found the Most Desi Jugaad Ever to Fight Locust Attack

Sana Fazili

As locust swarms have entered India and are posing a threat to the standing crops in several states, the government has asked the farmers to take steps to protect the produce.

Presently, locusts have affected five states- Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra-- and the Centre has issued a warning to the border-sharing states.

The government is focusing on chemical spray on the migratory pest, using drones and helicopters> However, a farmer in Uttar Pradesh seems to have taken the matters in his own hands and has come up with a desi jugaad. Who said modern problems need modern solutions? Jugaad seems to be working too.

The video was shared by UP cop Rahul Srivastava on Twitter. The farmer has made the installation using a plastic bottle, a fan and a box erected on a pole. As the fan starts moving with the wind,

a stick hits the drum, creating a loud noise. The locusts tend get irritated by loud noises.

Watch the video:

The video was originally posted on TikTok and has received 26 million views so far.

The Central Integrated Pest Management Centre last week asked the state agriculture department to alert officials and farmers about these insects and take precautionary measures, an official said.

Farmers have been advised to take steps to protect their crops and trees. Tractor-mounted sprayers have been arranged in all bordering districts, he said.

Besides, villagers have also been advised to form groups and make noise by beating 'thalis' (steel plates), tin boxes and loud sound-producing instruments to drive away the insects, the official added.