Watch: Indore Cop Uses MJ's Moonwalk To Manage Traffic

Shubhangi Derhgawen
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Recently a cop from Indore became a local celebrity after his video of doing ‘Moonwalk’ while controlling traffic went viral on social media. The policeman, Ranjeet Singh, has been using the late pop icon Micheal Jackson’s dance moves on the road for 16 years now. Singh claims that including these dance moves helps him manage traffic better and also spread smiles in the city.

In a conversation with NDTV, Ranjeet Singh said that he always wanted to be a dancer. But often passion is a luxury that only a few can afford.

Singh said that due to poverty, he could not pursue his dream of dancing.

He further also mentioned the incident after which he started managing traffic in such a unique way. He shared that he was called to manage the crowd at the scene of an accident. Upon reaching, he realised that the victim was his friend.

“As I was pacing across the road in angst, my superior officer told me, people were stopping because of my movement. Since I was a dancer, I brought ‘moonwalk’ into my work,” he said to NDTV.

It is tough to pursue your passion at times, but finding a way to express and incorporate them into your work takes a lot of courage and dedication. Ranjeet Singh is a heartwarming and inspiring symbol of this!

Check out his video here:

Netizens were left in complete awe of the policeman. A bunch of them including actor R. Madhavan praised him for the unique dedication that he brings to his work.

Check out some reactions here:

(With inputs from NDTV)

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