Watch: Katrina Kaif helps Ranveer Singh see better by putting kajal in his eyes

We already told you that Katrina Kaif is ready to drop her own makeup line, an ambitious venture she has been working on for a while now. Titled Kay Beauty by Katrina, the range will be in sync with how Katrina likes her own makeup to be- gentle and caring to your skin. The actor herself recently appeared on the cover of Vogue, decked by Kay Beauty products, and she is also in a mood to apply them on her pals!

We recently came across this video from the Vogue Women Of The Year Awards, that has Katrina getting ready. This is when Ranveer Singh walks in and asks Katrina what she is up to. During their conversation, Kat gets this lit idea of putting some kohl on Ranveer’s eyes too, and the latter recalls how he has done that in the past as well. Of course, we all remember Ranveer’s Alauddin Khilji avatar from Padmaavat, don’t we? Also, Ranveer seemed to love the kohl. Watch the video below.

Anushka Sharma also posed for Vogue wearing Kay Beauty products recently. With such supportive friends and colleagues all around, Katrina’s venture is going to be a super hit for sure!

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