Watch: Man Survives Lightning Strike While Walking His Dogs

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A frightening video of a man in Texas getting struck with lightening has now gone viral. The sudden lightning strike hit Alex Coreas while he was walking his three dogs outside Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital in Spring, Texas, on October 3.

Surveillance cameras captured the moment when the lighting strike blew Coreas’ shoes and socks off, leaving him standing stock-still. Coreas face first hit the ground instantly while his three dogs scattered off.

Witness Corey Hart, who was in his car at the time, rushed over to Coreas to help him. Hospital employees Christy Mittler and Bill Williams also rushed to the scene to help. Mittler said Coreas’ clothing was charred and his socks and shoes were gone when she reached him in the parking lot.

Watch full video here:

“We rolled him over and we were sweeping out his stuff,” Mittler told ABC News. “We were knocking him on his back, telling him: ‘It’s OK. You got hit by lightning.”

The hospital says it released footage of the lightning strike to highlight the importance of CPR training and the dangers of extreme weather.

Global News reported that Coreas’ family has set up a GoFundMe page to help him get treatment for the “very serious injuries” he sustained in the incident. The page has raised more than US$23,500.