Watch: Meghan Markle's awkward hug moment at the One World Summit

It was a funny moment when the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle opened her arms to hug a charity organiser on stage during the One World Summit on Tuesday.

The 38-year old was spotted on camera clashing with Kate Robertson at the event. On the stage, the duo had a greeting mishap. Meghan had her arms opened and went for a hug, while Kate dropped down for a slight curtsy.

This resulted in a strange hug with Meghan's arms around Roberson's shoulders, and Roberston's arms around Meghan's waist. Eventually, the two laughed it out and decided to hug.

As per the royal tradition, the men bow their heads and women perform a small curtsy. Handshakes are also acceptable, but hugging is not really used as a greeting for British royals.

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