Watch: When Pakistan's 'Salman Khan' wanted to go to jail instead of 'Bhai'

Sympathy for Bollywood’s jailed superstar Salman Khan knows no national bounds.

As fans of ‘Bhai’ overran social media on Thursday following his sentencing in the blackbuck poaching case, there were cries for his release from even across the border.

This was reminiscent of 2015 when Salman was slapped with a five-year jail term by a lower court in the hit-and-run case. So heartbroken was  a die-hard fan in Pakistan with the verdict then, that he ‘offered’ to go to jail instead of his idol.

You can check him out below (Pakistan’s ‘Salman’ appears 50 seconds into the video):

The original Salman was later acquitted by a higher court in the hit-and-run case, but ‘Sialkoti Salman’ Husnaini Saleem by then had become something of an internet celebrity. Saleem reportedly works as a small-time comedian and has big Bollywood ambitions.

It is not known if he has offered to go to prison once again in Salman’s stead after the latest verdict.