Watch: Plane Apparently 'Trapped' inside Rainbow Ring Creates Optical Illusion

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We often hanker to get the window seat in flight just so that we are able to see the wondrous sight outside. From rolling clouds to the tiny terrain below, a number of imagery flash before our eyes as we ascend miles above the surface of the earth, while going to our destinations.

Now, an amazing video shot from the window seat, and shared on the Chinese social media platform Weibo shows an airplane, that is seemingly flying inside a full circle rainbow.

The mesmerising imagery, captured by a traveller on board a domestic flight in China saw the plane being seemingly trapped inside a circular rainbow.

According to a report in Daily Mail, the clip was shot from Flight CZ3115 that is operated by the China Southern Airlines, and was on its way from Guangzhou to Beijing when the phenomenon was observed.

The report further added that web users on Weibo were fascinated by the footage with mainly saying it was very pretty and others attributing it to God or Buddha making their presence known.

However, according to Bian Yun, who spoke to Mail Online, the band – an optical illusion — that was captured on film was formed after a ray of light shone through the plane and got reflected and bent by ice crystals.

The meteorological engineer, who works for China Meteorological Administration further added that the aircraft visible inside the rainbow was actually the shadow of the photographer's own aircraft.