Watch: Ranu Mondal forgets the lyrics of Himesh Reshammiya's song on stage

Ranu Mondal, who made it to the headlines multiple times is again in the news after she forgot her own song's lyrics. The viral sensation Ranu Mondal grabs everyone's attention after the renowned Bollywood singer Himesh Reshammiya gave her the opportunity to sing. After her overnight fame and bagging singing duets with Himesh, Ranu became the talk of the town. She has become one busy celeb now who is touring around the country and showcasing her smooth voice.

In one such program, host journalist Barkha Dutt asked Ranu Mondal to present her art for the audience. As she is asked to sing a song on stage she forgets the lyrics of the song. Since it is an impromptu moment for Ranu, she immediately admits that she forgot the song she was going to sing.

In the video, she is asked to sing for the audience. Ranu readily agrees to sing a Himesh Reshammiya song. While she is given the stage and mic to sing, she takes a long pause and after some time, she said, "Oh my god, I forget it."

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Recently, Ranu was all over the news for her makeup-gone-wrong pictures that were later claimed to be a fake one by her makeup artist Sandhya. The fake picture which showed Ranu donning cakey makeup for an event became food for meme creators.

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