Web watch: A reason to rise

It is indeed hard to tell if the youth has evolved with time, or degenerated with the growing influence of social media and overwhelming bouts of exposure to sex and gossip. RejctX, a ZEE5 original, directed by Goldie Behl, delves into the mindset of the millennial youth, exploring potpourris of ideas that have been delivered by well-known series such as Sex Education.

The plot could perplex the viewer, owing to the number of narratives that run parallel to one another. The multi-starrer musical could have a profitable outcome, if the plot was bereft of the traces of ambiguity. RejctX went live on July 25 on ZEE5. Currently the platform airs four episodes of the same.

The plot

The plot opens at seven kids from a world school, participating in an underground music festival. Somehow one of the members, named Aarav Sharma (played by Ahmed Masi Wali) goes missing.

Despite the odds, the team braves their way to the stage to perform their gig, without their lead. Within seconds, a masked corpse hangs out of nowhere, absorbing viewers into a thrilling mystery.

The director cleverly diverts the viewers’ attention to the orientation day of Jefforson World School, where Sumeet Vyas inducts the freshers. This cuts to a fresher’s party where students are encouraged to participate in a certain three-part hunt, making their way to the student’s council.

But The BIG QUESTION still remains…. Who are the ‘RejctX’?

The rejects comprise of a batch of seven teenagers, who take to music in order to brave some community evils such as body shaming, gender equality, troubled childhood, and more through music. In spite, of the odds and differences they come together to create marvels at voicing their concern purposefully.

The seven form an unbreakable bond in the process. Aarav Sharma (Ahmed Masi Wali) is the lad, born with a silver spoon. He hails from an influential background, but is saddened by the plight of his ailing mother.

The fencing champion, Sehmat Ali (Saadhika Syal) often struggles with gender identity. Misha (Pooja Shetty), is a selfie addict, and her English accent is often laughed upon. There is Harry (Prabhneet Singh), the blatant prankster, with a quick wit.

Maddy (Ayush Khurrana) is better known as the chick-magnet; and manages to satiate his sexual appetite with ease. He is great with balls, including basketball. Kiara Tiwary (Anisha Victor) is a computing wizard, who resourcefully uses her acumen to create games and other computing programmes in a jiffy.

Last but not the least is Parnomitra Ray (Ridhi Khakhar), the typical high school meanie. In spite, of them possessing unusual odds, the band of seven is united by the common love for music.

Technically wise

The plot goes slightly astray yet the production and direction receive extra brownie points. The plot seems like a rehash of YRF’s Student of the Year, but could have been justified with a certain issue that plagues world schools in detail.

The actors could have invested in a little more work to reveal the hidden gems within. Sumeet Vyas has displayed his passion wonderfully well unveiling the dexterity of his character with great ease.

Thumbs-up to Kubbra Sait who enlivens the plot just as well. In spite of the work put in the music by Sneha Khanwalkar, the beat hasn’t picked up to the audiences expectations.

End note

The series can be rated at a comfortable 3/5, for the cinemato-graphy, direction, and production value. There is scope for improve-ment in the upcoming episodes.