WATCH: Toddler's Reaction to 'First Ever Magic Trick' in Adorable Video Wins Hearts

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Watching kids perform their mischievous antics is pure joy. Kids not only lighten the mood, but their adorable reactions to worldly things prove stress buster after a long wearisome day. A video featuring an adorable toddler’s reaction to a magic trick recently surfaced online. It attracted numerous eyeballs and soon went viral.

The clip shared on Reddit shows a toddle’s “first encounter with magic”. The video opens with the baby’s father performing a simple magic trick with a ball. The moment the trick ends, the baby burst into delightful laughter and expresses his ecstasy clapping his hands. The endearing reaction of the toddler is not only captivating but lovable enough to let anyone go “Awww”.

The clip uploaded on June 14, has been giving chuckles to its watchers as it garnered over 69000 upvotes and hundreds of lovely reactions. While several shared their experiences with the kids, others couldn’t stop gushing over the priceless smile of the baby. One of the users wrote, “The authenticity of a child’s laugh is one of the best things in the world. They’re the definition of genuine.” “Do a peekabo you get the same reaction,” wrote another. The third comment read, “That inhalation laugh!! My niece had that, it’s so freaking adorable,” while the fourth added, “The baby’s reaction is adorable! What’s really fascinating is that she looks down towards the ground for the ball. She already has a grasp of gravity.”

Last month, one such video capturing the sheer joy of a little boy’s precious expressions after witnessing the water trick shown by his parents went viral. The clip tweeted by @GoodNewsCorres1, melted hearts online as garnered over 7 million views. The clip captioned as “magic” described that the little boy thought by holding his parents’ hands, he could make the water travel from one mouth to another.

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The video won hearts online as people were left rooting for the “contagious laughter” of the little boy.

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