Watch: Top Beauty Trends Which We Didn’t Know Were Super Harmful To Our Health

Ritika Nijhawan
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More often than not, we have come across people taking extreme measures just to change their physical appearance. According to them, their looks outweigh everything and anything on this planet.

While many of us are aware of the negative impact of extreme beauty trends and treatments, we tend to overlook our simple health and beauty practices. We often follow some fashion practices on a regular basis without understanding their impact on our health.

Can you also recall a moment when your sleek, tight, and high ponytail gave you a severe headache? I am sure that by now, you have recalled many of those moments.

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Like tight ponytails, there are several practices we follow on a daily basis. These fashion practices are so common that we have never ever taken a pause to think about their consequences on our health.

Here are some of our fashion choices that have the potential to cause serious damage to our health:

It’s high time that we relook into our fashion choices.

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Sources: Harvard Health Publishing, Telegraph, Medicine Journal

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