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Most of the actors in Bollywood are the son or daughter of some famous actor. If not that, they are related to someone in the industry in one way or the other. Very few actors who are not related to this industry get an opportunity to showcase their skill.

Because of this very reason, numerous talents do not get the chance they deserve as the opportunity gets taken away by someone with a connection. Talk about ‘reservation’, right?

This has been the problem from the very early days in Bollywood. Starting from Raj Kapoor’s generation, the Kapoor family has been predominant in the industry. Although most of the actors who have come up from that family tree are skilled in one way or the other, same can’t be said about the other ‘Bollywood families’.

Well, it’s time we look at some of those actors who became actors in the first place because of their family’s connection to the industry; in short, because of nepotism. Most of these actors were a failure in the Bollywood industry from the very start, yet ended up acting in one movie after another.

Although some actors from this list did have one or two box office success, but it was mostly because of an entertaining script or their co-stars who carried their dead weight. Anyway, let us look at the list of Bollywood’s actors who got a chance to act in movies because of nepotism.

Uday Chopra – His list of connections is longer than his list of successful roles, which is only two. Although Mohabbatein and the Dhoom series was pretty famous, it was not because of him. Yet he kept getting chances, thanks to his father Yash Chopra and brother Aditya Chopra. His extended family includes big names like Rani Mukerji, Karan Johar, Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

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Zayed Khan – Son of Bollywood actor Sanjay Khan, Zayed Khan became a familiar face in Bollywood because of his role in Shah Rukh Khan starrer Main Hoon Na. After that, he kept on appearing in movies even though they flopped. Recently, Sanjay Khan has said that he will relaunch his son by making a movie for his son.

Rinke Khanna – She has a Zee Cine Award for Best Debut to her name, but most of us probably don’t know her. It is because even after 9 movies she was barely successful. While you are wondering how she got 9 movies in the first place, she might probably be thanking her mother Dimple Kapadia, father Rajesh Khanna, and sister of Twinkle Khanna for that.

Tusshar Kapoor – Other than Golmaal series, there are hardly any movies where Tusshar Kapoor played a role which was significant or popular enough. Yet, the son of veteran actor Jeetendra and the younger brother of Ekta Kapoor acted in several movies.

Pooja Bhatt – Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter Pooja Bhatt did make an impact in her early days in movies like Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin (remake of an Oscar-winning movie) and Zakhm. But her number of failures was way more than success, yet Bollywood did have her on-screen for a large number of movies, thanks to her father.

Of course, there are many others that I would love to mention. Probably there are more number of actors in Bollywood because of nepotism than talent. Sadly, most of them are failures, yet we kept on seen them till their godfather got tired of launching and relaunching them.

Could you name a few more of such actors and their godfathers?

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