Water Sprinklers & Trees: #PollutionKaSolution by Our Readers

(Our readers write to us their simple and effective solutions to beat pollution. Take part in our #PollutionKaSolution initiative with your suggestions, and do your bit in raising awareness to tackle the menace of air pollution with FIT)

Samardhir Dalvi

Pollution is rampant allover the world especially in huge cities. I will quickly suggest what can be done to reduce pollution and improve the ecology to the best we all as a nation and individuals can do.

  1. In school, the syllabus should stress the importance on preserving greenery. Each student or child should plant a tree and tend to it regularly. Composition competition should be started on how an individual can promote pollution free environment and its benefits be highlighted. Awards and marks should be given to students for their good attempt in this drive.

  2. Cleanliness drives should be practiced all over the nation. Be it in schools, homes or offices. This should be consistently promoted in newspapers and TV channels.

  3. Incentives should be promoted in various ways for those working hard to keep the environment green and surroundings clean.

  4. All celebrities should come forward and promote the benefits of pollution-free environment. Those working hard for it can meet the celebrities and be awarded for their considerable share in keeping the surroundings clean and pollution-free.

  5. Chemical companies must be placed faraway from human residences and cities.

  6. At paan stalls, outside hotels and hospitals, clear-colored ads need to be broadcast about pollution awareness.

  7. People spitting on road should be fined.

  8. Companies letting their waste in grounds and rivers should totally be banned and huge fines should be imposed on them for that.

  9. Recycling has to be promoted more than ever before.

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P Madhusudhana Rao

Small water jet sprinklers at heavy traffic junctions will not only reduce pollution but also reduce heat. The jet sprinklers use chemicals that drag down sulfur, carbon dioxide, and other pollutants.


Various solutions can be undertaken to reduce pollution:

  1. Restrict vehicles per family to one or two.

  2. Increase green buildings count and encourage rooftop gardens.

  3. Make planting of trees a necessity for college and school students.

  4. Ban stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana.

  5. Create green corridors on roads and highways.

  6. Restore the gardens and lakes.

  7. Levy hefty fines if anyone is found burning wastes in public.

  8. Create a team in every locality to monitor pollution levels and take appropriate measures to curb it.

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