I Should Give Way To The New Feminism: Urmila on Kangana's Remark

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There has been a huge uproar after Kangana Ranaut referred to Urmila Matondkar as a 'soft porn star' in a recent interview. From Anubhav Sinha to Swara Bhasker, celebs have come out in support of Matondkar, praising her acting and citing the acclaimed films she has worked in.

Now, in an interview with Barkha Dutt, Urmila Matondkar said that it was shocking to see the female anchor smiling gleefully when Kangana termed her a 'soft porn star'. "I don't think I have anything more to say. It's shocking that while Kangana was saying all these things on national television the anchor, who also happens to be a woman, had a mad glee and crazy smile on her face. I think we should bow out and give way to this new feminism that has come up in the country", Urmila said sarcastically.

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The actor and former politician also said that prior to Kangana's remarks she had given interviews complimenting Ranaut for her achievements.

""I have always maintained that everyone has a right to express one's views. But how you express your opinions does matter. I would also like to say that I was really happy to see the uproar after a person (Sanjay Dutt) allegedly used an abusive remark for Kangana. Today, as I am being referred to in the same manner, where will that lead to?"" - Urmila Matondkar, Actor

Speaking about the support that she has been receiving Urmila said, "I am deeply touched by the kind of response and support that I have been receiving from the people of this country. As I speak now, I don't have any political leader backing me. That said, I am also wondering whether those who had condemned Shiv Sena's alleged slurs against Kangana will do the same thing in my case too. The Women's Commission should really take note of the remark hurled at me. I cannot understand this selective reaction".

Urmila added that during the lockdown the first thing she has written is about women empowerment.

""No matter where I have gone all these years, the first thing I speak about is women giving other women power. Thus it is disheartening to see someone not just speak ill about me but also about Jaya Bachchan, who has been such a senior colleague. She has been the torchbearer of women-oriented cinema and has been a member of Parliament for so many years. To speak about Jaya Bachchan in this manner, target her children, her career is condemnable." - Urmila Matondkar, Actor

Urmila also clarified that the reason she spoke about Kangana's comment on drug abuse in Bollywood is because she wanted to highlight the fact that there are other grave issues that need to be focused on. "At a time like this, the entire country should stand up together and focus on the pandemic that has grappled the world. I have nothing against Kangana and have no interest to speak about her. Also, Kangana's claims that I said she is doing all this for a BJP ticket are completely baseless", Urmila said.

Speaking to Times Now, Kangana had said that Urmila wasn't known for her acting. "Even Urmila, she is a soft porn star. I know it’s very blatant. But she isn’t known for her acting for sure. What is she known for? For doing soft porn right? If she can get a ticket, why won’t I get a ticket?,” Kangana had said.

Earlier, Urmila had said in an interview with India Today that Kangana should focus on her state Himachal Pradesh before slamming other states for a drug problem.

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