Ways to Tackle Long Working Hours and Burnout

Ways to Tackle Long Working Hours and Burnout

Many times you miss out on movie plans, dinner dates, or those cups of coffee with a friend, just because you are burning the midnight LED at work. But work long hours you must, if only to keep the competitive vultures at bay.

Career burnout is common, and detrimental to both your health and job, than you may realize. But how do you deal with the burnout that follows?

It’s not tough. So, if you feel like it’s all becoming too much, you need a breath relax, and take a look at these tips.

  • Productivity matters: If working long hours is a trend in your company, don’t follow the herd. End of the day, only your productivity matters. Talk to your boss and make sure you use the most productive hours of the day like mornings for difficult tasks.

  • Be clear and learn to say No: Be clear that you are open to working late and pitch in only if it’s a legitimate reason. Because not all your clients might share the same time zones. Saying No in a polite way is important at work.

  • Breaks are essential: Take those short 5-10 minutes to re-energize your thought process and loosen up those stiff bones (a peppy song, a silly joke, or just the caffeine punch would do the trick). Also, don’t forget to take that much needed yearly vacation to balance the work and personal life (this could be the topic when you take that five-minute break next time around)

  • A friend can help: Find a minion in a friend, co-worker, or a family member to help you. A good way to relieve some pressure is to share your problems with someone who cares about you. It could be your spouse, son or daughter, best friend, or a trusted co-worker (beware of spilling the beans to someone who is known to use the information against you). All you need to release some of that bottled-up frustration and stress. If you cannot find anyone, even social media helps sometimes, or just write it down your feelings.

  • Make best use of time: Try to finish the task assigned for the next day while you wait for the client or bosses to join the late meetings. Plan some calls while waiting for the cab. With some tricks with time management, you can rest a little longer the next day before work.

  • Say NO to procrastination: Do not procrastinate and put off jobs you don’t like. They tend to return with a vengeance! Piled up things will await you the next day and the nightmares thereafter.

  • Speak up: Speak up when you find unmanageable the workload dumped on you. After all, teamwork is effective only when everyone shares the load. It is always good to make sure that the HR is aware of the situation and discuss any possible solutions on the matter (make sure you have a friend there!)

Working 16 x 6 may be stressful, but let that not stop you from enjoying life as it goes by.