Weekend Ka Vaar : Salman Slams Sreesanth! Fans Say Salman & Bigg Boss 12 Are Biased, Support Sree!

Chaitra Krishnamurthy

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar is one of the most look forward to days by the fans as they get to witness the host Salman Khan interact with the inmates and address several issues. In yesterday's episode, former Indian cricketer, Sreesanth was slammed by Salman for spreading rumors in the house and further damaging Surbhi Rana's reputation. Besides questioning Sreesanth's sportsman spirit, Salman and other inmates attacked Sree for accusing Surbhi Rana of smoking in the Bigg Boss 12 washroom.

However, Twitterati had a different opinion, wherein the social media users said Salman and Bigg Boss 12 are being biased with respect to Sreesanth, and even Tweeted in his favor. Here's what Sree's fans had to say.


"I am amazed how does #SalmanKhan
Know #SurbhiRana didn't smoke? A/c to #Sreesanth #AnupJalota and #JasleenMatharu, Surbhi smoked in bathroom. Is there any camera in bathroom? Is Salman living in #BiggBoss12 house? Has he confronted Surbhi in bathroom? Answer is simple, NO." - (sic)


"#BiggBoss12 has tunnel vision when it comes to of #SurbhiRana and #RomilChoudhary ....woh chahe kitni bhi galti kyun na karle usko sab allowed hai...complete ignorance by #BB12
#Sreesanth Anupji and Jasleen just presented the facts what they saw and what Surbhi said to Jasleen" - (sic)

@devendran_k & @The J_P_S

"#Sreesanth whether he performs task or not he gets max footage...he is interesting.."
"Dialogue of the season "Yeh Pura Show Hi Farzi Hain!!"
Well said #Sreesanth. He said the words we all wanted to say about" - (sic)


"You can hate #Sreesanth but please don't bash him for every reason.Even Jasleen also said the sameabout surbhi's smoking thing ki Surbhi ne usse bola chup kaarna yaar jab usne dekha. BB wants to show him as villain.
Well said #Sreesanth. He said the words we all wanted to say about" - (sic)


"Its getting too obvious now..This year's fixed winner is Romil.
But how much ever @BiggBoss tries to potray #Sreesanth as a villian n glorify their ladla its not gonna work on me. My support will only be for Sree,winner or not,I just dont care." - (sic)

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