Your Weekly Horoscope – 10th August to 16th August 2020

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Your Weekly Horoscope – 10th August to 16th August 2020

Your weekly horoscope (10th August to 16th August 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.
This week your health and the health of your loved ones will be doing well. You may receive relief from a chronic illness or psychological ailment. Mental, emotional and physical issues will clear leaving you feeling capable and receptive. Life has a sense of ease and harmony that enables you to accomplish things effortlessly both professionally and personally. You come across very well and all of the best of your nature is at the fore. Courage, positivity, honesty and a very healthy sense of competitiveness make you a very warmly received individual.
This week you may feel erratic, impatient and short-tempered. There are moodiness and instability around you and you do not feel calm and centred within yourself. You will seek out arguments, quarrels and conflicts with others and push yourself further away from a state of peace. You are most likely to argue with younger relatives as you may not understand their perspectives or believe that you know better. Your inability to allow others to have their chance to speak can drive wedges between you and make it very difficult to be in large groups of people. Head to nature and let it tone you down.
Art is a necessary medium but it is not always profitable. This is why parents and elders try to push their children towards careers that are considered safe that will stand the test of time that will always be needed by the people. But this week your artistic endeavours may surprise your detractors and any naysayers in your camp. Your work may become profitable or wildly successful. There are opportunities to build a career or strong financial base based purely off of your talents. This affords you great freedom and opportunities for self-expression. You have the last laugh.
Your mind is not well calibrated and your emotional nature is stressed and uncomfortable. Like a tumultuous flood, you cannot be sure quite what you are feeling or where you picked it up from. It may be difficult for you to be around others because you absorb too much of their energy and this causes confusion and conflict within you. Taking time out to be alone even if just in little gasps is important for you and may stop you from overflowing. Be very gentle with yourself as you process these challenging emotions.
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Your confidence is one of your defining traits but this week it dips rather low which can make it difficult for you to tap into your fundamental characteristics of warmth, generosity and integrity. Instead, you may feel slow, sluggish and even painfully self-conscious when in the company of others. It can be difficult for you to shine on stage, in competitions, on dates or at interviews so you may postpone events until you are feeling more like yourself again. Try to organise your calendar around your lulls so that you have some time to get yourself together and leap back into life like the lion you are.
Professionally this is a time of great growth and expansion. You have proven yourself overtime to some very important people and may now be reaping the rewards of all that hard work. If things aren’t happening right now then they are stewing away for the future so just keep doing what you’re doing. Your health is good and this is a wonderful time to reaffirm strong habits such as mindful eating, lots of exercises and robust social life. Remember beyond physical health we also need to prioritise our mental and emotional health as well so taking a holistic approach will be your best bet.
This is a wonderful week for your professional life as you can take on a leadership role to full effect. You are naturally very charismatic, diplomatic and courageous and you can certainly win others over at every level. Your ability to communicate with both the janitor and the CEO is what makes you so likeable. You are the same person no matter who you are with which allows others to see you as authentic. There are no masks. This week also boosts relationships with patriarchal figures. You may heal wounds or issues from the past and rebuild connections.
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Scorpio, you can comb the deepest depths and soar to the highest heights but recently you have struggled to ascend. Something is dragging you down and causing you to crawl along the ground rather than to stand. This is likely a poison of your own making and therefore only you will have the antidote. Depression, anxiety and a pervading sense of hopelessness may be experienced, and these can be most unsettling indeed. You need to reach out to others who can be understanding of your predicaments and lend you a shoulder to lean on.
You need to be cautious this week because you may attract various low-level injuries or health issues. This can easily occur for fire signs because you have such a zesty approach to life and can knock and throw yourself about quite happily not even noticing the bruises, scratches and bumps that you’ve accrued. You have a thirst for travel which should be responded to because it is a large part of why you are here – to seek, to find and to return. Of course, you may also decide to travel within yourself via meditation or travel. These are equally valid means of exploration.
Capricorn, you are a sign who likes to do things by the book. Doing things properly is essential to you and this often means that you take a very conventional or traditional approach to all things, including love. This week you may want to formalise a love match with the commitment of marriage. Others may be incredibly envious of you. Possibly of your appearance, success, wealth, charisma or ability to endure for you are a true survivor and you barely even drawn any attention to yourself (you prefer it that way.) The envy of others is a sign of your success. Keep going!
Your health, which can at times be erratic due to your airy influence, is doing very well and relief from past ailments is guaranteed whether they are physical, mental or emotional. There is a sense of healing, fixing and mending and you may feel lighter and far freer within yourself. Your creative juices are flowing and this is most likely manifesting as the ability to write which has always been one of your talents. Actually sitting down and penning a story takes time and discipline both of which you’ll have in spades this week.
Pisces, you are known to be the great romances of the zodiac but this week you have absolutely little to no interest. You are a little tired of love and it can certainly become exhausting having to be such a magical being all the time. The wind may be a little out of your sails and your partner may feel disconnected. At work, there is plenty of competition which can consume and overpower your mind. You will rise to the challenge but unenthusiastically so. You are not a natural competitor like Aries or Leo. You simply want to be able to do what you need to do. Nonetheless, you may surprise yourself.