Your Weekly Horoscope – 10th February to 16th February 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope – 17th February to 23th February 2020

Your weekly horoscope (10th February to 16th February 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


You will continue to enjoy a spike in your income, and you are advised to spend cautiously and wisely to evade your natural preference for spending on more frivolous pursuits. Aries, you can be an impulsive character, which can make you incredibly fun and spontaneous to be around, but with money, you need to be more sensible. You will be drawn to social gatherings and meetings. There is a need to be active in the world and sociable. Mars in Sagittarius encourages you to invest wisely. The challenge this week is to save money whilst also enjoying yourself. Do you accept it?


You will find that you have more energy than usual and are feeling more active. This might surprise friends who are used to seeing you in your slow-motion setting! As such, this is a wonderful week for getting things done and enjoying yourself. There will be a slow and steady workload, but you will be able to accomplish things easily and swiftly, avoiding any sense of overwhelming. This is also a very lucky period for Taurus natives so use this to your advantage! What do you dream of doing? It’s possible. You just have to own it first.


This is a fortunate week for you financially. With Venus in Pisces, you will enjoy promotion and recognition at the workplace. You come across as intelligent and amiable, which makes you less intimidating and your sparkly Gemini wit draws people to you from every sphere. This is a great time to make friends and influence people. You will be more social than previously and your calendar will be booming with events and invites. When it comes to looking into financial matters, you want to use your brain. As with all air signs, spending can be an indulgence. But saving can get you further.


Your health may fluctuate this week. It is best to get back to basics and ensure that all the fundamentals are in place. How are you eating? Drinking? Sleeping? Are all of these areas effectively ticking along? You may need to spend some extra money making sure that you fortify certain areas of your life that are conducive to strong and robust health. You will not regret it. In fact, what better way to spend your money on than your wellbeing? There is a dual urge in you. You either wish to travel or you wish to marry. At the heart of both is a quest for romance.


There may be volatile energy running through your relationships right now. You may face certain challenges or difficulties that can feel especially threatening to your ego, given that you pride yourself so deeply on your relationships with others. Pouring time, energy and effort into your relationship is essential so that you can work on any issues that are bothering you both. Be patient, open and work on your communication skills. Give your partner your time and focus and you may notice a big improvement. Remember, relationships require that we be consistent.


Single Virgo’s may find love this week, if love is on your agenda. This is also a time of great personal victory. In whatever area you focus yourself, you will find success. Your personal life hums along beautifully in an almost dream-like manner. There will be no complaints or complications, even if your critical side emerges! This is a wonderful time for solid monetary gain. Invest your money and you will see it begin working for you in the best way. Ultimately this week is a lovely one for you and one that you will deeply enjoy.


Libra, you are quite an image-oriented sign. It’s important to you that you come across as well-liked and respected. Your reputation is essential to your wellbeing, and only Capricorn and Virgo can rival you for there a concern with such matters. This week you may struggle with managing how you feel about yourself with how you are seen by others. You may feel that you are not worthy or that you are unimportant. There is a tendency to feel `small.’ Challenge these thoughts and ideas. At work especially you have a real way of being the sun on a cloudy day.


Your laser-like focus comes into play this week at work. It’s very empowering to be able to get down to work and tune out the world. This is your superpower. You have strong stores of energy, tenacity and endurance, and you don’t tend to fritter them away. Instead, you truly put them to work for you and you yield results. Of course, you want to make sure that your focus is something productive and proactive, rather than something destructive, as Scorpio can slide towards the macabre very easily if unchecked. In love, you enjoy true bliss.


Sagittarius, very much like Gemini, is the sign of youth. You are more in tune with the energy of children and can be very childlike yourself. There is a blinding sense of hope and faith, a wandering urge for adventure and a tendency to land on your feet (you trust the universe to support you.) In the mornings, this can be corroded somewhat but remember once you get out of bed and get going, something different will switch on. Humans need a purpose to feel fulfilled, and you are very aligned with purpose. You always seek meaning and want to share this with others. This keeps your heart filled with joy.


You are never one to shirk responsibility. In fact, responsibility brings you to life and gives you purpose, meaning and structure. You will find this week that you are more responsible towards your siblings and they will give you plenty of love in return. Your financial situation will improve full throttle and you will enjoy the freedom and control that this provides you. Mars in Sagittarius brings harmony, peace and creativity to your life, especially in terms of your love life. Your spouse will be immensely supportive of all that you do and all that you dream.


You are a very intelligent sign and you live in your mind. You endlessly conjure up new ideas and dramas. Being able to distinguish between what is possible and what is fantasy is important. Being ahead of your time and ahead of the curve, it can be challenging for you to know what is your genius and what is your imagination running away with you, but you tend to project your ideas out anyway because it is natural for you to communicate and share what is in your head. If you use your brain like a well-oiled tool, you’ll find that it’s impossible for you to not become successful.


Relationships with you are always a beautiful thing. You are so dreamy, so gentle and so loving that you bring a very mythical quality to your relationships. You’ll find that this week your relationships only continue to improve, blending intimacy with adventure, fantasy with possibility. You are so beguiling and endearing to those who love you, so you must believe your own magic and drink your potion. Your confidence in yourself may be low and due to your tendency to ebb and flow, you must continuously work on this. Put some time aside every day to focus on your wellbeing. It will be the best thing you ever do.