Your Weekly Horoscope – 11th January to 17th January 2021
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Your weekly horoscope (11th January to 17th January 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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This marks a great period for professionals of this sign as you bring endless positivity and enthusiasm to even the most gruelling of projects. Your personality and charm certainly keep you high up on everyone’s agenda and it’s easy for you to make friends and even to fall in love at work. With the sun in Capricorn you are guaranteed to see growth, achieve targets with ease and be noticed by higher ups and seniors. This is a time of great recognition and people will see your dazzling potential. If you want to climb the ladder or ascend to your professional goals, this is the week to get things done!


This week you may lack the motivation and concentration to get things done. You may also be prone to laziness and feel a little lacklustre about life. Your health won’t be affected but you may just feel a little dour. Fortunately by the 14th as the sun moves into Capricorn you will enjoy a favourable period and enjoy physical and mental prosperity. Your personal life will feel wonderful and enjoyable in all ways. This is a great opportunity to work on relationships or personal projects that are deeply meaningful to you. Love is a great escape and there is the opportunity to heal old wounds.


Unexpected monetary gain may trickle down to you this week and you are invited to keep a watchful eye on your health. Nervousness and anxiety can trigger sore throats, headaches or stomach upsets so be mindful of the thoughts that you are thinking and the way you feel inside. Mental tension triggered by fear of the future can cause problems in the now so try to ground yourself in the moment. Your confidence may be functioning from a lower ebb than usual so do what you need to do to build yourself up again. You need to build a solid space of confidence inside so that external circumstances cannot rock you.

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Our relationships can be great mirrors into our inner worlds. They can show us areas of dissatisfaction and where things may not be working effectively for us. They also indicate how we perceive our own self-worth. This week you may feel a little suffocated by your relationships as though they are too constricting or tight. If you can be assertive and direct, this can be a great time to strive for change and make a difference so that what was not working in the past can now be improved. Now is a great time to put yourself first. Do not be afraid to ask for what you need in relationships.


You have a deep affinity with art and creativity. Your ruler is the sun and the sun is what has brought everything into existence. When you dive deep into your own pool of potential and artistry you can come up with some incredible work whether it’s for fun only or whether it’s a career option. Your personal life operates smoothly but restlessness and confidence may inspire you to make some big changes in terms of how you do things. This can be a catalyst in terms of getting things moving and shaking. You may find yourself instigating and initiating from a very proactive position this week.


Sometimes no matter how much we plan, things just don’t work out the way we intended. This can be especially frustrating for you because organisation is so important to you. You like structure and the illusion of control. Life has a way of reminding us that there is not always much we can do – sometimes it holds the cards. At work things may not go to plan, but that’s okay. What can you do differently? How can you change your approach to things? Can you be more flexible and forge a Plan B? Rolling with the punches can be very empowering and gratifying for you in endless ways. It can show you what you’re made of.


This is an absolutely incredibly period for motherhood. New mothers may take to it like ducks to water and pregnancies will be harmonious and peaceful. This is a great time for getting in touch with your inner feminine and bringing balance to your life. Your energy will be at its peak making this a very pleasant time for forging new friendships. There is also plenty of growth and progress to be had at work. Because you are so charismatic, likable and welcoming, people easily take a shine to you especially in the workplace; you can use this to your advantage and make sure that you achieve your potential.

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This year can bring forth a few disruptions to key areas like finance, relationships and travel. Because things may not go as planned you should exercise a strong degree of caution in all areas and make sure that you have a plan b or even plan c in place. Your urge to be social and to come out of your shell will be high so this should be your focus instead. Spending time having fun and enjoying yourself will be high on the agenda. This is also a period of tremendous career growth and your laser-like ability to focus will certainly serve you well and ensure that you get a lot done!


Your ability to innovate is strong this week and your mind will be bursting with ideas that are greatly beneficial to you especially in the workplace. When you share your ideas with others, they really gain traction so you should feel comfortable to share your opinions and thoughts with others in the spirit of collaboration. When you are able to do so you are able to make great financial process and excel. This creativity also impacts your personal life, heightening your ability to produce art, write and enjoy the more experimental elements of your personality. This can feel incredibly rewarding.


This week you may find yourself turning away from spirituality and diving into the realm of the imagination. This may not be a place that you visit all that often because your focus tends to be on the practical and logical and what we conjure in our minds doesn’t always come from such a place. You may find yourself getting in touch with some very interesting parts of yourself when you delve into your imagination. Some problems may manifest between children and fathers so take the time to address difficulties as they emerge so that you can heal your connection for the future.


You don’t tend to care very much about what others think of you for you have a distinct brand of aloofness that makes you almost untouchable. It’s hard for you to rouse the passion to be too upset about the opinions of others and this helps you to stay on your own track. This week however there may be some damage to your reputation that can be hard to ignore, perhaps because it occurs professionally. You may lack motivation so a good place to start is with regular and consistent exercise to help clear your mind and give you focus for the week ahead. Work on your confidence and all else will fall into place.

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This is a very favourable time for all that is new including exciting new opportunities for love and romance. Falling in love comes very naturally to you and you may find yourself falling for many people over the course of your lifetime. This is a great time to begin a new relationship. You’ll also see plenty of growth professionally and profit will follow. Those who would wish ills upon you will be vanquished and your own positive and abundant spirit will shine through any difficulties. This week is one of empowering positivity in which you can live up to your potential in all ways.