Your Weekly Horoscope – 11th May to 17th May 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope – 25th May to 31st May 2020

Your weekly horoscope (11th May to 17th May 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


It is essential that you avoid conflicts, especially in the workplace. On the 4th, Mars moves into Aquarius which can generate mental pressure and high expenses as well as monetary loss. There can be a lot of pressure and difficulty concentrating on what matters. Getting lost in the little things can be an issue. Try to retain a sense of perspective. This too shall pass. On the 9th, Mercury moves into Taurus which enhances your ability to tap into calmness and serenity. Quality time with loved ones is meaningful to you now.

The month promises opening new opportunities for each one. The lockdown period will give you enough time to recharge energy. Keep your spark ready and a good time awaits you.


As Mars moves into Aquarius on the fourth, you’ll find that you can complete all that you need to, but at a slow and steady pace. There is no speed to be found here! Fast and flashy is not your style at all, and it’s reflected in how you do business. You will be in a spiritual mood but do not be led astray by superstitions. On the ninth, Mercury moves into Taurus which enhances your communication skills, heightening your popularity amongst your circle. Your stability and serenity make you personally popular.

The pandemic has stirred your regular course of life. You might feel left out or fear life slipping out of hands. Don’t worry! The month of May is all set to restart the engine of growth for you. Keep your hopes high but first, concentrate on your health.


A sign that experiences the world through your mind, you feel very dissatisfied and restless due to Mars in Aquarius. There is an inner desire to get things done, but you don’t know what direction to go in, leading to frustration. It is important to avoid making any life-altering decisions whilst your emotions are so high. This instability can lead you to want to travel or change your environment. You may spend a lot trying to escape your thoughts. Sometimes you need to face them to discover what they are trying to tell you.

The disease like wildfire has rocked the peace around. You might feel your achievements have gone for a toss due to this disease. Do not lose hope! The cloud of misery will soon fade and things will fall in the right place.


At home, things are heavenly in a way that only a Cancer can make them. Your sign rules the roost and your house is a beautiful place to be, a womb that exists for all to feel safe and peaceful in. At work, you may be envied by others who wish to make an enemy of you. Do not let this upset you. You will spend a lot of money but all for a good cause for you to have a charitable heart. Your demeanour is calm and composed and this runs deep. Little can throw you off course this week making you a true force to be reckoned with.

Do not let emotions take a toll on you. The distance is just temporary. Trust your love and also make efforts towards improving things. Sharpen your concentration and make way to victory.


All areas of your life are looking pretty perfect from your financial life (which is thriving) to your personal life (which is harmonious) to your love life (which is exciting, passionate and enthralling.) Very exciting times indeed! You’ll also enjoy prosperous health and the ability to overcome your enemies. For those of you who work in finance, you’ll make very impactful decisions. You know what to do with money and how to make it work for you and you’re certainly not wasting any time this week in terms of getting things going.

The dilemma of staying at home has eaten us all. You might experience a lack of creativity and dullness must have crept in. This time will slowly fade away, so don’t let your creativity be lost. Try something new or hold onto a hobby to keep the spark in you alive.


Virgo, you are one of those signs that are forever learning, one of the zodiacs students. This is a wonderful phase for those of you who are studying. If you plan, you will literally cultivate success for yourself. But it is still imperative that you seek out experts, those who have blazed trails before you, who can save you from making many a silly error. You enjoy work this week. You like to be of service and to give. An earth sign, a huge portion of your self-esteem comes from being able to be useful and effective. Don’t forget this.

Lockdown may have put off all your plans for the past months but the month of May is likely to revive them. As the world has switched on the healing mode, there are things you need to recreate and present them in a better way. For example- the career front.


There is a sense of movement around you. It may be that you are transferred to a new officer or location, or the change may manifest in your personal life. There may be plans to move to a new property, city or even country. An air sign, you have to keep it moving to feel truly happy. In your relationship, there may be some squabbles and troubles. You rule the airways and if asthmatic, you may notice troubles with your breathing, typically related to stress. Financially, things are going well for you and you may be surprised at the unusual ways in which money appears in your life.

Your savings have made you survive this pretty good lockdown. Keep up the good work and soon you would be able to fly again and take your business to new heights.


Scorpio, you are not an unlikely wanderer for you like to cut deep into the heart of what matters in this world and travelling is one way in which you can do this. You will sacrifice width for breadth, wanting to immerse yourself and to discover as much as you can. Your friends may impact the success of your business for the better so trust your judgements and instincts. There may be some romantic issues which worry you and you may feel unfocused, worried and even unstable. This is in part due to your intense nature. Try to find moderation.

This may not be the best of times in life but you still survived it till now which is incredible. Make use of your logical side and put your talent to better use.


You tend to fall into fits of fiery words. You may speak before you think and anger especially can explode out of you before you have an opportunity to reflect on what lies beneath. Avoid lying or any other emotionally immature displays. You should also avoid disputes with close friends and domestic quarrels. Your fiery nature can fall into such habits fairly easily. At work, you’ll want to progress slowly and steadily. Financial success will inevitably follow. Minor health issues may emerge so priories rest and downtime.

Your strength is your armour to fight the present time. Make sure you do not let that make you impatient and restless. We are in this together. Gather your strength and store it for the coming days when you need to get back on your feet.


This is a lucky period for Capricorn natives, especially in romance. Marriage is important to you because it is an institution steeped in tradition and meaning. It is also the next logical step in terms of progressing your love life and can be a mission that you most certainly wish to achieve. Be careful not to marry for the tick, do it because you’ve chosen the right partner. There is some tension dogging you thanks to Mercury in Taurus but it tends to manifest at work where it can encourage you to push harder. Not that you need much encouragement!

This lockdown period is the best time to improve relations with the family. Discuss things and find a solution to the bitterness and negativity lurking in the family. It is time to value each other and ensure that you are safe.


This week may be one of high expense but if you sell a property, you should definitely expect to see gains. There will be plenty of cash flow in, but saving may be another story altogether. Novelty is always something that appeals and a new job or vehicle is the height of that for you this week. Tension follows at work which can be uncomfortable. Although often cool as a cucumber and less anxious than your airy counterparts Gemini and Libra, you can become entrenched in rumination if it falls upon you. Try to avoid this trap.

The need of the hour is perseverance, patience and safety. The month will give you aspiration to retry your luck and also to get back on the feet. Time will heal everything.


This is a very favourable period for Pisces natives. You may make property-related gains and any amounts you’ve loaned will be returned to you promptly. With Mars in Aquarius, you will be benefitted by working in a water-related profession. Being near water is soothing and tranquil regardless. With Mercury in Taurus, you may feel lazy, stodgy and unexcited. Finding your motivation and enthusiasm can be a true difficulty for you. You need to socialise more to get some of that electric buzz from other people. This will be restorative.

Your family can be the biggest strength to pursue your dreams. If you have the map ready then you just need to execute it at the right time. The time is soon going to arrive.