Your Weekly Horoscope - 12th to 18th April 2021
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Your weekly horoscope (12th April to 18th April 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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The ongoing impact of Venus in your own sign of Aries ensures that your desires are fulfilled making this a wonderful time both for dreaming and doing. You are an adventurer through and through who always has a new focus or goal and you’ll be ecstatic to see things beginning to manifest. This only gives you greater gusto for the next great project. You’ll develop a heightened interest in music which serves as a mode of expression and form of cathartic release for you. Your interest in spiritual matters may lessen for now and you may incur some form of financial loss but nothing too impactful. Read More


This is a very favourable and bountiful phase for you thanks to the impact of Venus in Aries. Although this can be a period of high expense you’ll also enjoy financial prosperity. You’ll also maintain robust health and may have the urge for adventure. Taking a trip overseas may occur at this time. With Mercury moving into Aries on the 16th, you may struggle with financial loss and mental stress – meditation can bring you a tremendous amount of relief and should be allotted into your daily routine for maximum impact. Finding ways to quiet an agitated mind will serve you well. Read More


Professionally and financially lady luck shines upon you. You are naturally witty, quick and clever which enables you to turn a situation to your favour very effectively, especially when your confidence is high. Friendship is an essential ingredient in your relationships and this week a romantic connection will be strengthened by your foundation of friendliness. On the 16th Mercury moves into Aries which further bolsters your ability to make a profit and also helps you in health related matters. This is a very good professional period in which you’ll be able to make an impactful connection with someone important. Read More

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This continues to be a fortuitous period for those of you who are mothers or who need to tap into your inner reserves of maternal energy. This strength can be used in the world at large but also turned within to keep you safe and protected. Spending quality time with maternal figures is rewarding to you this week. On the 16th Mercury moves into Aries which draws out your desire for innovation in the professional sphere. This also provides relief for those of you who are unemployed – you may find a new job. Your instincts and intuition bring plenty of expansion to your world. Read More


This is a favourable and playful period for Leo natives and plenty of fun is to be had. Even when it comes to serious matters you’ll bring a great deal of ingenuity to all things, keeping things fresh, fiery and relaxed. People will flock to you for your energy is so expansive and warm. It feels as though great things can happen in your presence. This is also a great period for financial prosperity and you may meet someone through work or finances that ends up having a very positive and powerful impact on your life especially in the future. The connections we forge can be impactful in ways we don’t understand. Read More


This can be a period of high expense and poor health. Although this may sound negative, it can actually be a spiritual summons to begin taking stock of your life and of areas that you may be neglecting in the name of perfectionism. Tension and stress may be present this week and turning to spiritual practices can go very far in bringing you much needed relief. On the 16th Mercury moves into Aries and you’ll be called to focus more attention on your professional life. What has got you so distracted? Are you able to dig deeper into this? A little caution is advisable but you also need to find ways to self-sooth. Read More


Libra, you are all about the importance of and many manifestations of partnership. You are a sociable sign and you enjoy exploring connections with others. It brings a great deal of satisfaction and success to your life. This week the support of other people helps you make the progress you desire and also brings you peace and satisfaction. Some problems may emerge in your romantic life or amongst friends that need addressing, but professionally this is a time of great improvement. It could be that someone takes a shine to you and wants to see you elevate in the workplace. Your potential is obvious. Read More

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This can be an unstable period for romance especially for women of this sign. Relationships require compromise and this week you may not feel in the spirit to go against your own needs and desires which can bring up emotions such as resentment. This can be a good time to go within to try to meet your own needs first and foremost. Only then may you feel comfortable to give to others. This is a brilliant week for health and you may see things slowly improving for you by increments. Give yourself the best chance that you can by making health a non-negotiable priority. The little choices you make add up. Read More


Children continue to bring good news your way. This can manifest in an endless number of possibilities. Perhaps your children are excelling at school or getting married or your local community is bursting with initiatives for the younger generation. Whatever is going on, it will be joyful although you may find yourself worrying nonetheless. With Mercury moving into Aries on the 16th your intelligence is appreciated and may lead to success, victory and fame. If we are looking into your love life this is a beautiful time for you to meet and fall for someone special. Bring an open mind to the week ahead and see what materialises. Read More


You continue to enjoy a period of profit thanks to your past endeavours. Building something of value, the sense of legacy, is one of your driving forces and will be felt strongly by you this week. Either you will give your all to a project already underway or you will actively be seeking your ‘purpose.’ You may purchase a new home in which to settle and grow roots and you’ll become active with neighbours and your community at large. Your reputation precedes you and people have faith in your talent and abilities. Do not let a case of the imposter syndrome limit your goal setting. Read More


Friendships form the centre of all relationships and developing the cordial side to relationships with younger relatives or children becomes important to you. In this way you gain a deeper understanding of individuals and are able to know them better. You may be worried for them but you must remember that each soul is born with a drive to make its own choices and to have its own experience in this world. You cannot control another’s journey. Instead you should focus on your own. Educational pursuits will call out to you and you may end the week enrolling on a course that presents new possibilities. Read More

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This is a very strong time for financial prosperity and your hard work is what has taken you to this point. For that, you deserve to sit and pat yourself on the back. Remind yourself that you have given a lot to have gotten to this point. On the 16th Mercury moves into Aries which creates a very powerful placement for financial dealings of all kinds. Your keen instincts will reward you with correct decision making. This is also a period of great excitement – there is so much to look forward to and explore. Your ability to communicate with others becomes a force and you’ll grow in confidence by the day. Read More

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