Your Weekly Horoscope – 12th to 18th August 2019

Your Weekly Horoscope – 11th to 17th November 2019

Your weekly horoscope (12th to 18th August 2019) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and its impact on your life.

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Focus can be frazzled, but if you can put your attention on your profession you’ll do well. There is a restlessness which urges you to make a change in some area of life. Change for change's sake is not advised, but some changes can be incredibly gratifying. As Mars moves into Leo, you need to put a focus on your mental health. Plans may fall through and fail. Your financial situation may trigger tension, which can impact your health. Put a plan in place to ensure that you organize yourself in the best possible way. You are not one to feel sorry for yourself, but you do need to stop and ensure that you aren’t pushing yourself too hard. The pace is a very good thing for Aries natives, who prefer the word rush!


Solitude is still calling to you right now. Don’t you find that in this busy world, peace and quiet can be so hard to come across? It’s so elusive and yet so important for us. If you can take some time out for yourself, you will feel much better, so don’t ignore this urge. With Mars in Leo, mothers and maternal figures matter far more, as do friendships and romance. Leo and Taurus are both loyal, demonstrative signs, so you’ll find that your drive for harmony, expansion, and affection are heightened and will need to be expressed. You need a partner who is happy to show you what you mean to them.


Money, money, money, always sunny, in a rich man’s world. This song may be playing on repeat for you this week, as you continue to achieve and cultivate financial success. This is a very good period to invest in yourself and your future. With Mars in Leo, you may have issues with relatives who suddenly seem to have an opinion about everything. One of your natural inclinations toward travel. You want to see, do and experience as much as possible in this life, and travel gives you the momentum you crave, as well as the intellectual stimulation that satisfies. Traveling should be a part of your life but do take proper precautions to ensure that you stay safe.


Emotions are funny things. They are toddlers that we should listen to and respect but shouldn’t let drive. What does this mean? Honor your emotions, let them have their space, but don’t let them control or inhibit you. Enjoy life. Be in the world. Don’t let your emotions trap you. This may be difficult for a sign that is led by emotions, but with the time you will learn to put stock in the right places. Even negative emotions have their place, but they must not be allowed to bloom like poisonous flowers. Mars in Leo ensures financial gain and possible inheritance. You may need to put your attention on your personal life in case you have been ignoring the needs of those closest to you.


You are still battling with your self-confidence. Finding a way to feel good about yourself without needing validation or approval for others is a struggle for a sign that thrives on loyalty and devotion. You naturally have very high expectations and a very low tolerance for those who would go against your boundaries and barriers. With Mars in Leo, you may struggle with family members, but with friends, you’ll be warm, playful and humorous. The lion likes to be admired and flattered and you may seek to be the center of attention. Try to find an outlet for tension, before it becomes all-consuming. Learn to release the pressure valve at regular intervals to prevent things from building up.


You have always had amazing potential, but what you’ve lacked is confidence. Now that you have the confidence, you are finally able to live up to your potential, which is limitless. Intellectual, practical, earthy and ambitious, you have an attention to detail that can help you to do some truly amazing stuff in this world. All you need is to believe in yourself. This can't be stressed enough. Fake it `til you make it but believe. The power of belief is intensely fortuitous. It can trigger miracles. Mars in Leo can make you surprisingly dramatic, as well as high maintenance. You have a perfectionist streak that can make you expect a great deal from a romantic partner. It’s good to aim high, but it’s important to exercise realism too.


You are not one of the workaholics of the zodiac, but you can be greatly benefitted by establishing a work ethic. You like the nicer things in life and being able to afford these through the fruits of your labor will fulfill and reward you. This is a great time for your working life in general and can infuse it with a new sense of fun and passion. You find work that is meaningful and purposeful. Mars in Leo ensures that your financial circumstances are strong, and you may clear the lingering debt. At work, you earn what you deserve which provides you with validation. In relationships, marriage may be on the horizon.


This is a favorable phase for Scorpio natives, you are blessed with plenty of enthusiasm and a desire to explore and get to the crux of things. If your job involves selling, marketing or communicating, you will excel. You may carry tension as you are a complicated being with complex emotions but finding an active way to diminish this tension will assist. Mars in Leo gives the bravery and courage to face new challenges at work. You may boldly go where no-one has gone before. Others will be impressed by your efforts and performance. There are so many opportunities before you, so make sure you are discerning, and grab hold of those that truly appeal to you. You can afford to be picky.


You want to make memories with family and friends, and this may involve planning or spontaneously disappearing on a long and adventurous trip. As a world wanderer, you are drawn to exploration, with a thirst for knowledge, growth and expansion. You hope to find yourself through your experiences. Mars in Leo can trigger obstacles, but you will develop as a person as you rise to meet and conquer them. You may be offended by the indifference of others as you love human connection. Can you inject yourself into the right ground? One that makes you feel truly seen, known and appreciated?


Expansion is a word that applies to Capricorn natives. You are never happy to stay where you are, you are continually pushing for growth. On the one hand, this is amazing as you get to the top of mountains that others haven’t even set eyes on. On the other hand, it can be dangerous if you never find satisfaction where you are, and if growth becomes a pressure you push onto yourself for validation, appreciation or self-worth. Is it something you want to do or something you feel pressured to do? You need to be very honest with yourself here. Mars in Leo pushes you to complete tasks with some fiery last-minute effort. You need to be cautious that you don’t exit good eating or exercise habits. You’ve put a lot of amazing things in place, and these shouldn’t be thrown out on a whim.


The word for this week is a relief as physical, emotional and mental ailments slowly resolve or improve. You excel in all that you do, you naturally desire to push yourself forward. It’s effortless for you as you like to be ahead of the curve. One could argue that it is intrinsic for you to keep going, you aren’t even thinking about it particularly. Mars in Leo can trigger misunderstandings and make you more quarrelsome that you would usually be, so you must keep a leash on your temper, or find an outlet that is suitable. Try to avoid getting into trouble with your employers and colleagues. Reign yourself in as much as possible. In love, be alert and aware of how your actions impact others.


Your personal life is in an exquisite place, and your ability to innovate is sky-high. You are happy for things to begin moving in a more proactive direction, especially in love, and you may uncharacteristically for you, choose to take the lead, which might surprise your partner. There may be a degree of anxiety around things beyond your control, especially those you love, but you need to remind yourself that none of us have any real control over anything, and therefore we shouldn’t worry. This takes practice and conscious implementation. It needs to become routine to be effective. Mars in Leo can make you very famous, enigmatic and dynamic. You can draw a crowd like a campfire.