Your Weekly Horoscope for 14th February to 20th February 2021
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Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : You should remain cautious in your relationship this week. Try to make a budget plan for expenses so that you can avoid financial crunch. Your marital life is based on your devotion and readiness to adapt with the changes happening in your partner. A love relationship may face difficulties, which may lead to tension and emotional turmoil. The impact of planets may give a loss in returns. This time is unfavourable to achieve financial goals, as you may be unclear about the best option for investment. It is advisable to remain optimistic and avoid arguments in this phase. This positive mindset deems supportive to get good results in your office. It is advisable for students to steer clear of wrong people. Self-study is a better option than getting into a conflict with someone during a group study. Try to improve your eating habits by having nutritious diets and do light exercises.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : Try to keep a positive and patient outlook in your office. A control on your words may be needed to have a blissful relationship with your beloved. Arguments may take place suddenly with your spouse. For love life, you may find someone attractive and succeed in a relationship. Conflicts may bring relationship issues due to the family members. Have a prior plan for your expenses and savings for this week. There may arise unplanned trips and expenditures leading to challenges. You may spend on gifts for a family or office event. Going for outings with friends or workmates may incur expenses. It is advisable to settle down matters related to taxes to avoid legal issues. You may go on a long trip for work. There are chances of being selected for a job overseas this week. Starting your own business is foreseen and some foreign friends may also help with that.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : Your finances may remain steady during this week. It would be useful to have skillful management. The returns you may have received in the past can be invested again this week. Hence, you may be inclined towards using your gains in the best way. Avoid giving money to anyone this week. You may see your career graph growing upwards, and this will enhance your confidence and happiness.Natives who are self-employed or in business may have a normal income. This is likely to stress some of you. However, your interest to participate in trade communication or in any meeting may bring some opportunities. These options may help you to improve the scope of making a soaring progress in your career. Romance and love would be in the air! The week is likely to bring you moments that are engaging and filled with fun. Make the best use of this time.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : You may find this week greatly motivating. It is likely to bring some lucrative opportunities to climb the ladder of success on the career front. The planetary influences may provide you with confidence as your career gains good momentum. Moreover, there are chances of getting some brilliant opportunities to earn. However, avoid making any forceful moves, as may impact your financial planning strongly. Additionally, any incorrect judgment may bring in challenges. This week may strengthen your relationship and bond. However, there can be some phases in this week, which may disturb your blissful connection. The week seems to be a bit tough on the academic front. Students may get lower than the expected results. Besides, your carefree outlook may cause issues at times. This week may be somewhat stressful on the health front. There are chances of slow improvement, but you need to have proper discipline to maintain fitness and wellbeing.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : This week is likely to reveal excellent possibilities that may be satisfactory and lucrative for gains. Advancing forces would move you in the right direction and brighten up your spirits. Planetary placements may impact your relationships. Avoid making important decisions in haste. It would be better to wait for the correct time. The planetary influences would be encouraging and benevolent as the week progresses. There are chances of getting brilliant earning options. But, it is likely to make you spend money carelessly or push you to make hasty decisions in finances. So, try to be alert about extravagance and while making major decisions so as to have savings. This week may be significant for your career. Hence, it is advisable to make clear choices by viewing the bigger picture. You may need to make rigorous and continued efforts to get victory in education. Your health may have some challenges during this week.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : There are chances of being able to make strong plans of action, which would give progress in your career this week. The planetary positions seem beneficial to strike some profitable deals for businessmen. You may be happy with satisfactory monetary gains this week. Your finances would be handled well. However, there is a need to remain careful in your financial decisions during the last phase of the week. Your love life would be filled with joy and bliss. But, you may be experiencing some fluctuations on the personal front. There are chances of a few arguments and misunderstandings with your partner. For students, the clarity you have is enough to start with, and this is likely to bring you fruitful results in your academics. As the week moves ahead, you may be rewarded for your constant efforts. The week deems to be favourable to revive your energy and have a healthy condition.

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Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : You may get closer to fulfilling your dreams with the needed efforts this week. This may let you enjoy a better state. Your focus and concentration are likely to remain better this week. A few natives may schedule a business trip that would help you overcome the previous blockages. There are chances of improvement in your earnings. For individuals who are in the service or self-employed may find it somewhat tough and may need to wait for an auspicious time to enhance your income. Academically, students are likely to perform satisfactorily this week. You may be content with your studies in the upcoming times. Those giving competitive exams are likely to score well with their efforts made in this phase. A few of you may be intending on going for a business in partnership this week. It is advisable to discuss with someone who understands such associations. They may support you well in your venture.

Scorpio( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : All the wonderful occasions are likely to happen this week. You may advance happily in your life. There are chances for some of the natives to take new ideas in learning. You may have more inclination towards this. Your thoughts would become optimistic and you would also be at a better place in life. Some of you may fall sick this week. Issues related to infections will need proper medication. If you stick to it on a regular basis, your health may improve. There are chances of conflicts with your family members this week. It is advisable to avoid being upset due to this. You need to be alert about your disposition, else there may arise some distance in the relationship. A few natives are likely to go on a short trip. This deems to be a beautiful experience in your life. So ensure that you are fully in sync with the journey.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : The week seems to remain greatly supportive. Those who connect with you may find you dependable due to your loyalty. You may receive rewards for your sincerity this week. The continuous help you give to them is the key factor in bringing you the desired respect. Keep doing the excellent work and you would be content to have a beautiful life. In addition to this, you would be in the pink of health this week. Your sound health condition would also impact your career positively. Your income may be average, but stable. Moving ahead with your ideas and projects would bring in successful results. There are chances of going on a domestic trip to finish pending tasks, which may be beneficial. Individuals in a relationship may miss their love partner, and communicate with them when there is time. You need to have a proper diet, else it may decline your health.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : This deems to be a significant week for singles as they may find their life partner. This week they are likely to make the major decisions. Parents and elders in your family may have a joyful week. They may enjoy wonderful moments of family gatherings and being near loved ones. There are chances of taking a tour this week. It would be beneficial to start a new venture or campaign. Your social life seems to be rewarding, but it depends on your dedication and loyalty. Medical professionals may earn name and fame for their sincere support and remarkable contribution. All their hard work would give them recognition this week. Natives dealing with shares and speculations may have ample occasions to enjoy this week. Luck is likely to be on their side and they may succeed in their undertakings. Politicians may reach a higher level. They may also get a desired position within the group.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : Excellent financial gains are foreseen this week. You may also get monetary benefits based on some crucial decisions related to your family. Challenges may arise with your business associates due to differences in your ideas. You are likely to spend money on electronic gadgets. There are chances of receiving gifts as well. Domestic front may pull your attention and a major responsibility is likely to be given to you. You and your mother would see a growing bond. Confrontation and work pressure may give difficulties in health. Jupiter and Saturn conjunction would bring a bright marriage proposal. The transit of planets is also auspicious for married couples to spend beautiful time together and create memorable moments this week. You need to be careful about your relationships and give some space to those who are in touch with you. This way they would feel at ease while being at work with you.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : This week, you need to take proper care of your persona. There are chances of becoming better and grooming your personality. Developing new skills and an optimistic outlook on life may make your relationship with the family and spouse better. It is advisable to give quality time to your children. This can help you enjoy sweet and memorable times. You may also be able to enhance your relationship with them. You need to remain alert and listen to your intuition, as the stars depict that doing so may bring you some monetary benefits. Try to plan your budget in advance as there are chances of spending money on a trip this week. It is advisable to remain alert about taxes and financial situations. Short trips with siblings are on the cards this week. Students may get stressed due to exams. Remain positive about your hard work and sincerity to attain fruitful results.

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