Your Weekly Horoscope – 15th February to 21st February 2021
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Your weekly horoscope (15th February to 21st February 2021) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life.

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Your self-confidence continues to blossom this week which stands you in good stead especially professionally. You’ll be able to speak up about what you want and/or need, for example a promotion or raise or a change to the way that you work. This assertiveness which feels unforced and natural goes over well. Towards the end of this week Venus moves into Aquarius which creates a lovely little romantic world for you; peace, harmony and gentle softness are assured. You may be especially attracted to Venusians who possess a far gentler energy than your own.


Professionally this is a wonderful period for you and you receive a lot of interest in the workplace. You may be offered a promotion or partnership or be offered experiences or opportunities that have been held back from you in the past. This is a time that holds the key to a great deal of growth. Your workload may be increasing but you are still able to keep a tight handle on things. This is because you are very good at organising yourself and move at a pace that is all your own. You do not fret too much about time and don’t have a scarcity mindset around it. As a result of this, time is your best friend.


Whether single or coupled, romance is high on your agenda as Venus moves into Aquarius. You seek a partner who is fun, intelligent and capable of conversation. You will not be interested in someone dull, quiet or shy. No, this would not be the person for you. Romantically there is a great deal of opportunity for you to explore and enjoy and this can be a truly exciting time for you as love is one of the things that keeps your spirit soaring and singing. You’ll also be highly active and sociable which naturally increases your chances of falling for something with friendship as a foundation.

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Your focus should continue to be on your health for the rest of this week. Make sure that you are taking the best care of yourself that you can be. You may find yourself facing some financial loss this week or be dealing with high debt. In situations such as these, we need to think about what actions we can take and coming up with an action plan can make the world of difference for you. As a cardinal sign, it is natural and normal for you take action when the chips are down. Doing so can have a huge impact on how you weather life’s storms and you will be able to come out stronger on the other side.


Romance and friendship are never far from your mind for your ego is tightly aligned to connections with others. Ruled by the sun, you need to be acknowledged for your warmth and light and a big part of you craves recognition and support from others. This is a wonderful period for meeting a new love or establishing strong connections with friends and loved ones. Meeting new people is highly likely as you will be outgoing and extroverted. For those of you in longer term relationships, there may be some tense or volatile words exchanged. Try to maintain calm, easy and peaceful in your dealings with others.


This week you may find yourself turning towards indulgence. The reasons for this can be many and may include boredom, sadness or restlessness. You may over-eat, over-spend or engage in some other habit to excess. Try to slow things down and practice yoga and meditation so that you can get a handle on thoughts and emotions that may lead you to spiral. Journaling is also a very impactful way of expressing yourself on paper so that things don’t curdle on the inside. Ultimately this is a strong period for you romantically, legally and professionally. Things will go well for you – as well as they can in all areas.


A change is afoot and you can feel it in the air. You may find yourself becoming a parent or becoming famous, known or successful in some way. There can be bubbling tension between couples. It may be that some things have been left unsaid or that there has been no resolution or sense of closure. This can really bother a sign like you. Sometimes closure is something that we must provide for ourselves – we can’t count on others to do this for us. Concerns about your image may plague you. How much of this is warranted? Remember that what you have going on inside is equally if not more important.

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Others may look out for you this week and provide you with items, possessions or money that can help you along especially with your home. Professionally this is also a wonderful time and you are able to show others what you are capable of doing. Any area where you have to use investigative abilities or analyse situations, getting a feel for people or motivations, is one in which you will succeed. You’ll also excel in healing occupations where the wellbeing of others is paramount. Your laser-like attention will be honed in entirely on the world of work making this a priority of yours.


Travel, adventure and freedom are crucial to your happiness and you’ll take many short trips. Not everything is rosy though and you must be cautious and mindful when it comes to your health, especially overseas. Energetic fire signs tend to be prone to accidents and injuries; anything that can happen quickly and superficially is your forte! You’ll also become very close to children and loved ones and may have to travel for work. If a parent, you will feel tightly bonded to your child and enjoy being in their company. Engaging with your own inner child is also very illuminating for you.


This week is one of financial prosperity and endless harmony, which sounds pretty good right, especially for a sign who can be as tightly wound as you can! This can teach you wonderful things about letting go and relaxing into the flow of life. You may confuse control with power, but having power over self can sometimes mean surrendering to life as it is rather than needing to continuously fight. Your financial condition is set to improve which helps you relax and you may even find that a chronic or long-standing health condition begins to fade away. Incorporate stretching and gentle exercise into your daily routine.


Resolution from serious issues is the medicine this week. You’ll also find that women and femininity come to your rescue. We all have a balance of yin and yang inside of us and when we incorporate both energies effectively we are able to flourish and develop greater understanding of and compassion towards our fellow man. When these energies are out of sync, we can become destructive to ourselves and others. You are one of the zodiacs greatest humanitarians so take this time to fortify your understand of self and the world at large. The impact can be awe-inspiring.

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Your attitude may be laidback this week but your health may require some attention. We know that health is holistic and that every facet of life is interconnected. When you experience a struggle in one area of life it may bubble up in another also. Being mindful of what is going on in life is key to generating good health. Do you need more rest? How are your eating habits? Are you spending too much time alone? Is it now time to reach out and be with others? These are questions you should be consistently asking yourself so that you can provide yourself with the correct medicine for healing.