Your Weekly Horoscope – 15th June to 21st June 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope – 6th July to 12th July 2020

Your weekly horoscope (15th June to 21st June 2020) analysis can provide insights on the crucial planetary movements and their impact on your life. Stay tuned to Astroyogi’s expert astrologers for horoscope analysis.


The impact of Mars in Pisces can bring about some malaise and mental dissatisfaction, as well as melancholy. The watery energy of Pisces in Mars is very at odds with your strong fiery energy that just wants to get going. As such, you may feel very slow to start and as though taking action is a gargantuan foot. You may also be prone to low-level lurgies such as coughs and colds. This is an excellent period for students and those taking professional courses. You will be able to concentrate and complete work to a very high standard.


Your ability to succeed this week is sky high, but so is the competition. With some self-confidence and a little self-belief, you will be able to push your competitors straight out of the water because you are an excellent candidate and an incredibly hard worker. Fixed earth signs can be hard to move and once you lock-in, you can be hard to throw off. You do need to watch your actions, especially professionally, because you do not want to take any adverse risks with your reputation. Make sure that you monitor your own behaviour.


There is a simmering sense of excitement in your professional life which is tremendously empowering. When you can merge your professional and personal self, you become hyper-charismatic. People know who you are because you can be hard to miss and they all want you on their team. If you want to move up the career ladder or advance in some way, now is the time to network and make those moves. People will respond very favourably to you. At home, you may be prone to quarrel especially with the men in your life.


You may discover many failures in your personal life this week which can be hard for you to stomach. Looking at the word failure can make a huge difference. We can only `fail’ when we try. If we do not try, then we can never fail. As such, failure shows us that we have had the confidence and boldness to try, even if things have not gone in our favour. Failure also teaches us lessons which can encourage us to try again, this time getting things right. Do not be put off if things have not gone well. Mourn the loss but learn the lessons and pull yourself back up again.


You may be afflicted with some minor health issues this week. You should be especially mindful of your liver, especially if you have historical health problems here. With Mars in Pisces, you may not feel so full of your usual fire and struggle to get yourself to take any action. Your confidence may also dwindle and motivation may be almost impossible to grab hold of. Try to take small little steps rather than stopping completely. This will keep you on track with your goals. Your reputation may suffer a minor hit, but nothing that cannot be repaired.


Relationships may be the central focus for you today. If you have been in an unsatisfying relationship for some time, you may be close to bringing it to an end. Divorce may be a natural outcome. Less serious relationships may still suffer from their share of problems. There may be glaring differences or irreconcilable issues that you cannot workaround, meaning that the relationship has no choice but to be terminated. Sometimes endings, however painful, can be necessary and pave the way for fresh starts and new beginnings. We can choose to look on the hopeful side.


There may be some health issues impacting you this week but you will overcome them. You’ll also find that anyone who wishes you ill will meet their downfall. You will find yourself victorious this week and excelling in all that you do. You’ll also be recognised at work and there may be a possible promotion too. Your personal life will be heavily entertaining and a source of much joy and pleasure. Ultimately life is looking up and all is going well for you. You simply have to be present and be open to all that kind of life longs to bring you.


Normally so very sure of yourself, this week you may feel indecisive. There may be many dilemmas presenting themselves and you may not know how to proceed. How can you put out these fires and restore balance? The answer is not immediately obvious. In fact, you may need to seek the support of trusted confidants. You may also struggle financially. Investments you make may accrue a loss. As such this is not the time to be making big or risky decisions. You may struggle with minor health ailments which could be related to stress such as stomach aches. Take some time to put yourself first.


Mentally, this may be a challenging week for you. You may feel frenetic, scattered, confused and uncertain. There may be a lot on your plate and fear and anxiety may rise to confuse you. Your ability to concentrate and focus may be sabotaged. Depression may rise against you. Fortunately, you have a great support system and a naturally sunny disposition and as such you will be able to keep yourself afloat. You do need to proceed with caution and treat yourself with tenderness. Be delicate this week.


This week is the time to notice slight financial improvements. You are a mastermind with money and will be able to make changes to your economic growth with your work ethic, ethos and discipline. You are making an impact on your own life and should be very proud of all that you have managed to achieve in such a short time. This should encourage you to push further to see what else you are made of. Sometimes we have to dig deep, especially when we feel like faltering. Hard work always gets you where you want to be so although we also encourage you to enjoy yourself and be adaptable, when you put the effort in, your life evolves.


There may be some discord in the family home which can take a little while to resolve. Conflicts and quarrels may be common although they will not be severe. Things will blow over, but you may need to assertively tackle the source of the drama rather than ignore it if you want a resolution to occur. Your mind frame may drift towards the negative and you may lack confidence. There can be an urge to hide away and recoil from the world. Try to baby yourself but also make sure that you continue with your goals, even if you have to shrink your efforts somewhat. Slow down but don’t stop.


Others will gravitate to you for advice. Amongst your circle, you may be somewhat of a guru. Especially when it comes to emotions, people know that you will understand them and support them for you are very attuned to the water realm where emotions, instincts and spirituality dwell. This is a good financial period although you may struggle to save sufficiently. You can revisit your habits in this area to make positive changes. There may be people out there who will attempt to harm your reputation. Be assertive and authentic and it is very little they can do to harm you.